Tuesday, October 2, 2018


    We've been getting a few recent inquiries---mostly from younger fellows---on the subject we're about to discuss. We are firm believers that a man should always tend to his appearance. When it comes to clothing, we dress differently and for different reasons than the Fair Sex does. In our case, it's more about cultivating an image, and appropriate for occasions, whereas the ladies do so more for attractiveness.

    That being the case, a lot of disregard the 'base layer', or underwear. It's a common misconception that nobody sees it---hence it doesn't contribute in any way to our image. This is wrong for a variety of reasons. One of which is that a well-fitting base is essential to comfort and, by extension, confidence. And contrary to popular belief, women themselves have definite preferences as to what they see underneath the clothes. Never forget the old maxim that 'clothes make the man'. That includes all of our clothes. 

    If anybody doubts this, consider it from the standpoint of Feminine Logic. Girls are hard-wired to look for details because they are continual suspicious of unfamiliar men's motives. I heard a story once of some stupid PUA who was posing as a wealthy mogul and got found out in the bedroom because of his cheap (and badly cleaned) underwear. 

    Now, we don't recommend PUA schmaltz to anybody; but the fact is that the ladies DO pay attention to such things. You don't want to find this in your bedroom---

    ---and hear that she doesn't like your underwear. So is here are our comments on various types available to us and what we should and shouldn't use.

   1. Bikini Briefs. I recommend these for no one. They are really a feminine article that looks stupid and 'gay' on men. There are some women who like them in the bedroom; but we should add that this probably only applies to men with perfectly sculpted physiques. If you don't have a physique like that, don't even try wearing these. 

    2. Regular Briefs. This is another we don't recommend, although many men use them. Actually, they should stop using them. In earlier time, wearing briefs was something boys did until they were old enough to wear boxers. Polls indicate that women really don't care for them too much. Guys who wear them usually find their SO's buying them bathrobes for gifts in short order.

     3. Boxers. This is our clothing of choice. They can be worn with anything and they carry a sense of maturity with them. In surveys, women say they really like them (for various reasons). It is important when buying these to make certain of a good fit. Too loose and they bunch up. 

     And it is especially important to make certain that the elastic fits tightly. Never wear boxers above the top of any trousers you wear. Otherwise, you look like this loser:

     The best brands of boxers I've experienced over the years are Old Navy and Aeropostle. This latter brand has good elastic and is incredibly durable. I still use Aeropostle boxers that I bought 5 years ago. Both brands launder well, don't come apart, and have a tough cotton feel.

     4. Boxer-Briefs. Admittedly, I haven't tried these. They're relative newcomers to the men's clothing market, based on some advanced textiles technology. Surveys show that women familiar with them seem to like them. I would assume that they are tight-fitting and most suited for athletic or slender physiques. 

      One of the advantages to this new style is that new fabrics with wicking properties; anti-odor technologies and anti-staining materials are being used. Based on my experience with their other clothing products, we recommend the Duluth Trading Company as a source for some of the better ones. Many Western militaries are adopting this style and some excellent ones also may be found at surplus outlets. 

     Never fall into the temptation to buy cheap underwear. A well-made pair not only feels and fits better, you'll usually end up spending more on cheap pairs that wear out long before a better one will. At the other end, beware of expensive brands not made of good cotton. You also don't want a soft cotton like Egyptian or Pima. These are both good fabrics for undershirts, but not for the 'lower regions'. 

     Thus, options 3 or 4 should work for most men. You'd be surprised how little details like these can really life a lot easier. 😇

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