Thursday, October 11, 2018


   Our last post, which exposed the dangers of a fad-diet called Jilly Juice. In researching that article, I came across many accusations that the diet's founder---a former insurance saleswoman named Jillian Epperly---was running a cult. Most of that I considered media hype. But after some of the responses to our last article, I'm beginning to think that's not so much of a stretch. 

    None of their comments made it through moderation. The purpose of the last article was to warn people who still retain enough rationality to practice prudent self-preservation; not to debate trolls who are beyond hope. It does raise an interesting question. There have been numerous articles and videos detailing the medical consequences of the 'Jilly Juice Protocol'---including a few alleged fatalities. I'm wondering about whether psychological damage can also result from the Protocol.

    These kinds of things are always a 'chicken-and-egg' type question. People who are already crazy are drawn to other crazy people doing crazy things. But a number of Jilly Juice victims are children force-fed this toxic brew by their parents; and others who are well-meaning but ill-informed and looking for better health. 

    In the second case, what needs to be investigated is whether Jilly Juice can produce long-term brain damage. Whether or not a person is philosophically/spiritually a Monist or a Dualist, the fact remains that damage to the bodily system can effect mental health. Drug abuse is a good example of that dynamic. As we noted in the previous article, the states of dehydration and toxic metabolic imbalances produced by drinking Jilly Juice can cause symptoms like vertigo and hallucinations. It's well now that advanced dehydration in a desert can cause the victim to see mirages; however this also occurs in persons lost at sea who dehydrate from drinking salty sea-water. If this continues, it can result in permanent brain damage. 

    Since this blog is primarily directed towards men, we didn't mention last time that Jilly Juice's marketers actually recommend feeding this garbage to infants in lieu of baby formula. Besides the obvious physical danger to babies; we can't know what effect is being produced on the infant's developing mind. This really needs to be looked into by public health authorities. Any politically-active readers here should bring up this issue to those in positions of power. 

    Some of the Jilly Juice trolls suggested that we hadn't watched any pro-Jilly Juice videos. Actually I did---but they were extremely disgusting. In all seriousness, these promoters proudly display all sorts of revolting excreta from their own bodies and refer to raging diarrhoea as cleansing 'waterfalls'. They even discuss probing each others' anuses and other sickening things. 

    Most of us are somewhat familiar with Freud's theories regarding Anal Fixations an their relationships to antisocial and mentally unstable behaviors. These stem from defective toilet-training. We're probably all familiar with the Anal-Retentive personality disorder. But there also is another lesser-known disorder, the Anal-Expulsive character. In advanced cases, both manifest themselves in non-sexual sadism. Anal-Retentive types typically greedily amass power or wealth and use both to dominate their subordinates. The Anal-Expulsive type uses their position to sow chaos and suffering in society at large and then gloat over the helplessness of their victims. 

     I think that, at least from appearances, that Miss Jillian and her internal cadres exhibit the symptoms and behaviors of deeply disturbed mental states rooted in Anal-Expulsive Complexes. Their aggressive trolling is another manifestation of that possibility. 

    As for the Protocol-promoter's views on mental illness, their literature claims that Candida fungi in the human body can control the brain. They also believe that Candida has been genetically modified and weaponized and introduced into society by unknown forces. I think, that about says it all. 



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