Sunday, October 28, 2018


    As we've all heard on the news this weekend, another human washout woke up hating the world yesterday and decided to avenge his failures by attacking a Jewish synagogue. The coward gunned down eleven people; almost all of whom were senior citizens, including a 97 year-old woman. 

    As normally happens in American these days, the aftermath centered on the Media, cheap politicians, and amoral special interests trying to capitalize on the incident. Ignoring these idiots is the best policy a man can take. We men understand that there really is Evil in this world; and the best that we can do is to fight it whenever and wherever it breaks out. 

    The Pittsburgh Police Department did exactly that---especially the first four officers on the scene who risked their lives to stop this dirtbag. Three police were wounded in the ensuing fight. We've tried to gather a true account of their actions on Saturday; however we are limited by the Media's contempt for heroism apparent in their own coverage of the story. Thus we present their story here with the caveat that these are the facts as best as we could ascertain them and certain details may not be accurate. 

    It is known as of this writing that one officer has been released from the hospital and that another is in stable condition. The third, however, evidently a veteran officer of 40 years of age, is listed critical with multiple gunshot wounds. 

    The dirtbag, whose name is Robert Bowers, was armed with an AR-15 rifle. This is the civilian version of the M-16 standard US Military rifle. Personally, I never thought highly of either version as much of a weapon. It has better range but less accuracy than most the handguns police officers typically carry. That debility enabled the first police on the scene to move in to position until SWAT arrived and keep Bowers at bay. He fired at them ineffectually while screaming anti-Semitic oaths and expletives at them. 

    By all accounts, SWAT officers arrived quickly; and were able to assess that they were up against a lone gunman. Their commander made the decision to go in and rescue the wounded while the other officers kept Bowers down with cover-fire. The plan worked; and two of the surviving wounded were carried outside and to an ambulance. 

    Foiled and frustrated, his escape cut off, Bowers retreated inside of the building and set up a barricade. The police followed up on Bowers' blunder and entered the synagogue. Bowers, however, stood up and opened fire, catching two officers off-guard. The other two men on the flanks jumped the barricade. Bowers turned and fired, hitting one, but was himself caught in the crossfire. Severely wounded, he surrendered to the remaining member of the team. 

     In total, it is estimated that the gunfight took 20 minutes. However, under the circumstances, the Pittsburgh Police handled this about as well as anyone could have. They all showed extraordinary courage as well as remarkable discipline and unit cohesion---considering that it seems that they had to plan and improvise 'on the fly'. It's unfortunate that the police sustained some casualties, but by interjecting themselves between the killer and his intended victims, they probably saved many lives. 

    Both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu praised the heroic actions of the officers yesterday. And---almost alone among the US Media---the historic local station and CBS affiliate, KDKA has been engaging in actual reporting of the incident. They should applauded as well and have several links for helping and supporting victims of the shooting. Volunteer medical personnel also arrived at the hospital.

    Those outside the Pittsburgh area who wish to contribute can check out a couple of good crowdsourcing links. One to help all victims of the shooting may be found here.  Another, to help one of the wounded officers, is located here. 

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