Monday, October 22, 2018


    A disturbing trend that I've been noticing on the Internet lately---especially on North American relationship sites---has to do with those forums supposedly designed for the traditionalist lady-and-gentleman dynamic. These forums especially populated with either. 

   No: what the 'ladies' seem to be are largely Drama Queens and Entitlement Princesses who want unconditional deference. And the 'men' are mostly Male Feminists and male submissives using the 'gentleman' label to hide what they really are. Men like these are losers. With a capital 'L'. They're generally so pathetic that the only way they can get female attention at all is becoming what the Feminists would call a 'doormat' if the genders were reversed. 

    Feminists, of course, are women who are deeply sexually repressed and act out their sterility upon society. A few too have psychological issues with their fathers which they project onto all men. What they really need is to experience firm but loving male dominance. These cucks can't give that to them; and thus such men are despised. 

    Real gentlemen, in contrast, are in a sense the male version of Goodwill Ambassadors. They won't take abuse from women, but they treat women with respect. In other words, true gentlemen plant seeds. They show these bra-burning man-haters that real men do exist. And that's more important than most men believe. A positive male example can undo a lot of anti-male propaganda in the female mind. 

    This is because women by nature are not man-haters---contrary to what certain doofuses in the Manosphere say. Early on, little girls form an image of their future 'prince' and that image is in their subconscious all their lives. They want to believe in it. 

    True gentlemen realize that fact and behave accordingly. Fools who try to ingratiate themselves to women shoot themselves in the foot. 


    Take this schmuck in the photo for example. What is gentlemanly about telling women that beauty is irrelevant? Just how impressed do you suppose a girl would be hearing a guy telling her that he doesn't care about her looks? Yeah...This is the very kind of guy who marches with Feminists one day and blogs about being Incel the next.

   Here's another, and this one is probably a fake. Notice that he's well-groomed and in better shape than most Male Feminists. And notice that what he says on the sign is just a stupid, PC catch-phrase that doesn't mean anything. This isn't a gentleman either; but a probably a PUA who infiltrates these political rallies and pushes the right buttons in hopes of getting laid. 

    I don't think that this one even needs a comment. It's a picture that speaks for itself. 

   This guy, I would suspect, is one of the Male Submissives mentioned earlier. The statement on his sign implies that holding 'gender biases' is a bad thing; and he's been a bad boy for holding them and needs to be disciplined by a strong woman. Like the PUA, these types are seeking to get laid; but their motives aren't aggressive and manipulative, but subconscious and masochistic. True gentlemen, of course, operate from a position of masculine confidence and strength. Therefore, they really can't be Masochists. You can spot the difference easily because a true gentleman will defend his rights while the Masochist submits to abuse. 

 And, among these photos we get one honest guy. Brother, it can happen with some self-improvement and self-confidence. And you'll meet a better class of women as a result. 

  For guys who really want to be gentlemen, we have plenty of links on our sidebar.What it boils down to is just being nice and treating women with respect without compromising your masculinity in the process. 


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