Tuesday, September 25, 2018


    President Trump announced this weekend that, on October 1st, he will award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Ronald Shurer of Virginia. Shurer was formerly a medic embedded with the Green Berets in Afghanistan. In 2008, he saved 14 lives while under fierce attack from Taliban thugs on a treacherous cliff. 

    The battle took place in Shok Valley. A joint American-Afghani task force were ambushed en route to an engagement against Taliban and Al-Qaeda encampments. The unit came under a sustained machine-gun and grenade attack. Shurer ran through enemy fire---about 45 yards, according to the original citation---to succor a wounded soldier and return him through the lines. 

    The evacuation helicopter was unable to land on the steep slope. Using his own body as a human shield, Shurer carried 14 men---one at a time---down a 60-degree inclined slope. For those unfamiliar with mountaineering, that's barely more than a vertical cliff. The rescue took almost six hours and saved four Americans and ten Afghans. Shurer then capped these exertions by scaling the mountain to join his comrades in battle. It was later found that he had sustained a minor wound in the arm, and a bullet-hole was found on his helmet.

     Ronald Shurer is truly a remarkable man who's led an amazing life. He was born in Puyallup, Washington and attended Washington State University, graduating in 2001. He had just started his Masters' Program when the 9/11 attacks changed his life and he saw a purpose. He immediately enlisted in the Army and qualified for Special Forces' training at Fort Bragg in 2002. In 2009, he was honorably discharged and decided to serve his country further by joining the US Secret Service. He's shown the same determination there as well; having since been promoted to the agency's Special Operations' Unit. 

     And he's happily married with two sons. If anybody signifies what manhood should look like, it's Ronald Shurer. And he deserves the Medal of Honor. 


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