Thursday, September 13, 2018


    In the State of Texas, effete postmodern degenerates have long sought to denigrate the cultural and historical significance of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. Texas then was a province of Mexico and declared its independence from the dictator, General Santa Ana. In old history books, the battle was known as 'The American Thermopylae.' Fewer than 200 freedom-fighters withstood over 2,000 soldiers for two weeks before succumbing and being massacred. Among famous men killed were Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Commander William Travis, James Bonham, the poet Micajah Autry, and Dr. Amos Pollard. 

    The 7th-Grade Curriculum now reads, "the Siege of the Alamo and the heroic defenders who gave their lives there." However, an advisory group hired by the Texas Department of Education recommends that the word 'heroic' be struck from the title. Calling the term 'value-charged' (whatever that means); as well as eliminating the text of Col. Travis' Letter to the World. According to another self-appointed academic elite, Walter Buenger---a University of Texas history professor---"the term may be too simplistic." Another jughead from the University of Houston, Raul Ramos, said that the proposal "is about giving teachers the freedom to teach in context as they see fit." 

   Obviously, for 'men' like Buenger, Ramos, and Committee leader Stephen Cure destroying the concept of heroism as a value is making a virtue of necessity. But for normal men, it's an objective for which their sons should strive. The pushback from Texas Governor Abbott has caused the Advisory Committee to slither out of the public spotlight---no doubt hoping that it will all blow over before Board of Education votes on the proposal in November. 

    It's really become a sad state of affairs when this kind of issue is even debatable. Crockett, Bowie, and Autry were already national heroes before they went to Texas. The others proved their mettle when the when it became a matter of surrendering their principles or dying. 

     That's really what heroism is all about. It's about believing in something greater than oneself to the point of sacrificing one's life for it, if necessary. The PC whackos---whether Left or Right politically---want you to submit to them instead, because they are Higher Powers in their own puny minds. If a man abandons his values and principles, he is nothing. 



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