Monday, September 17, 2018


     Roosh Valizadeh is a self-appointed 'Alpha' leader of men. He runs two blogs, Roosh V and Return of Kings. He also runs the site King''s Wiki and has self-published a dozen bad books promoting the Game/PUA lifestyle. 

    Valizadeh is nearly 40 years old and still lives with his mother. Last week, nine of his books were banned on Amazon for---by Valizadeh's own admission---depicting and promoting graphic sexual violence and violating privacy rights. He's also been banned from entering both Britain and Australia as an undesirable alien. One of his speaking engagements in Toronto ended up with women pelting him with stones, bottles, etc. 

    Somehow, that doesn't sound like the profile of a man from whom good relationship advice would emerge. And if all that weren't bad enough; he posted a specimen of his advice on Return of Kings titled "All That's Left for Normal Men are Rotten Women." 

    Likewise, it's a bit difficult to understand exactly how Roosh is much of an authority on normal men. How many guys in your circle of acquaintances are mother-fixated pornographers on international watch-lists? But that aside, telling men that they've no relationship options is encouraging us all to sink to his level of undesirability. 

     "Nature has given humanity a roughly one-to-one ratio of adult men to women, but the most attractive women are being taken out of circulation to either join alpha male harems or participate in degenerate lifestyle choices. This leaves the average man practically no choice in settling down with a mentally stable and cute woman in her prime." he states, without explaining what any of this means. 

     Granted, dating and relationships are difficult for men today---but to say we've no chance at all is absurd. Men who sacrifice their masculine nature, like Roosh; or men who refuse to continue trying will not attract desirable women. That's why the paradoxical view that, where there's a shortage of worthwhile women, a man shouldn't lower his standards is true. Women in such circumstances know their sexual power; thus a man unintimidated by such power is like an aphrodisiac to the female psyche. 

     The greatest fear that women have is being feared by men. That's why Feminists rarely attract men of any value. They don't intend to. Feminism is often less an ideology than a psychological defense mechanism. Feminists know that their attitudes are repulsive to men; but repulsing men is subconsciously what motivates their attitudes---however much they might employ political principles as a smokescreen to the contrary. Many in the Manosphere drive away worthy women by way of the same dynamic. 

      To illustrate this point, let us hear Roosh's depiction of a typical Western woman: "The sad truth is that if you meet an attractive girl today, she was pumped and dumped by numerous sexy men, prefers to nurture her career than children, is addicted to attention via the internet, and has participated in some kind of scheme to exchange social status or cash for her p***y." 

      Does that describe any women whom you know? Me neither. What Roosh has done here is take several negative things that some women do and fashioned them into a composite which he adduces as normative. 

      None of what Roosh has to say on much of anything is normative. The guy is a loser; not anybody worth paying attention to. In spite of this, Roosh V has thousands---if not millions---of gullible men following his every word worldwide. 

      To that, I say: "Oh, well. That's more girls for you and me!"  


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