Sunday, August 12, 2018


    Those of us living on the West Coast well know that the Seattle Metro Area---to put it delicately---has its problems. In recent years, the local population has earned a national reputation for being a bit 'off'. Doubtless the drug epidemic is a contributing factor. The Seattle Metro Area has the highest per capita prescription psychiatric drug use in the world.

    So yesterday, an Seatac Airport employee named Richard Russell of Sumner, Washington lost it and stole a 76-seat DeHaviland turboprop belong to Horizon Air. Russell took off from the airport and buzzed the facility before being chased from the scene by NORAD fighter planes. Russell went down on his own near the Southern tip of Puget Sound. Fortunately, he was the only person killed in the ensuing crash.

     They always say that takeoff and flight aren't too difficult to master. It's the landing part that's not so easy. 

     A $32 million dollar plane reduced to ashes and a whole airport disrupted. That's all that this idiot has to show for his life.

     Air Traffic controllers tried to contact Russell, but received little but babble in response. The FBI and TSB are investigating. But pretty clearly it's another case of some loser deciding to end it all and taking others down with him. In this case, he destroyed property and no other lives, but it's the same general principle. 

     Granted, we live in a deeply anti-male society that contributes to this kind of behavior; but this no excuse for such actions. The tougher the times, the tougher men need to be. A society which cares little for living men cares even less about dead ones. Russell, like mass-shooters and terrorists, tried 'to make a point' but he'll be forgotten by next week. It's been nearly a year since the PDX attack, the Las Vegas concert shooting, and the Charlottesville attack. Who remembers the names of the murderers? Nobody. 

     If any men reading this are contemplating similar actions---don't do it. Think about the scum who will be high-fiving one another and the media hyenas profiting off it if you do. That alone should discourage most men from doing it. But more importantly, remember that you're not alone. There are lots of men going through the same things and plenty of support groups online to help out.  


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