Monday, August 13, 2018


    Following yesterday's incident about the bizarre plane-hijack from Seatac Airport, there have been a number of reactions across the Internet---some almost as bizarre as the incident itself. It seems that some have made a tie-in between the plane's demise on Ketron Island, Washington and an alleged missile attack on President Trump launched from Whidbey Island, Washington. This latter incident was a proven hoax; but the truth hasn't discouraged some who think that there is a connection between the two events. 

    This is largely the handiwork of an anonymous Internet crank known as Q-Anon. All that anybody actually knows about Q is that he posts enigmas and word-puzzles on 4Chan. His posts are supposed to reveal the machinations of an all-powerful global cabal which, despite its extensive control, can't stop Q from posting about them. 

      According to stories circulating today, the Seatac hijacker---whose name was Richard Russell---stole a DeHavilland Q400 turboprop. Not only did the plane have the letter 'Q' in its name; but Russell apparently flew around in a Q-shaped pattern. He crashed on an island with 17 inhabitants; and 'Q' is the 17th letter of the current alphabet. 

      Not only that, but it's been revealed that there was formerly an atomic submarine in the US Navy called the USS Richard B. Russell commissioned by President Ford in 1974. The sub was named after a Georgia politician. Now both Russell and Ford were members of the Warren Commission, investigating President Kennedy's assassination. The sub's motto was "Save the Best for Last," which phrase Q also once used. The sub was sold for salvage in 2001---and we all know what happened then. Q's followers believe that was never really scrapped, but employed secretly. 

      None of these things are coincidences, according to Q's followers. One pointed out that Ketron spelled backwards is 'Nortek'. Nortek is the name of a large heating and air conditioning corporation, but what they would have to with any of this is anybody's guess.


      Random events often happen, and nutcases like Richard Russell are capable of anything. Some people can't accept this, and try to make sense of events which are not in any way related. Popular Mechanics noted today that Russell's exploit was the sixth such case of a ground-crewman losing it and stealing an aircraft since 1969. 

        Psychologists use a term, Pareidolia, to describe the phenomenon of seeing patterns where none exist. The famous Rorschach Ink-Blot Test is based on this principle. Our brains are designed to see patterns in things that we don't understand as a way of making sense of them. This is both how we learn and how we complete the thought-process of recognition. But Pareidolia is the rejection of coincidence or randomness, which do exist.

       It's interesting that these types of theories never center on a positive or happy experience. Chicago Cubs' base-man David Bote hit a remarkable 442-foot Grand Slam Home Run on the last play of baseball game last night. The first time since 1936 a game was won in the bottom of the 9th Inning on such a play. But was that all a coincidence? 

      Cub rhymes with sub. Chicago was playing Washington when this play happened. The Manhattan Project was researched in a secret lab at Wrigley Field. And tomorrow is the anniversary of the Japanese surrender following the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Sears Tower in Chicago is 442 meters high. The 1936 play was made by Sammy Byrd. Byrd was born in Georgia, like Senator Russell. He was also a pro golfer, and President Trump owns a golf-course. '36' is also twice '18' so the years 1936 and 2018 must have some significance. 

      This game of 'no coincidences', as you can see, can go on to infinity and to infinite levels of absurdity. The mark of an educated man is recognizing that there are occurrences which can't always be explained. 

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