Thursday, July 5, 2018


     Given the characters of many 'liberated' Western women and PC culture pushing homosexuality down our throats, it should come as no surprise that sexually-transmitted diseases are at record highs. An official warning came from the AMA last month noting that cases of babies born with Congenital Syphilis has radically increased and that women should get screening before pregnancy. As is usual in our culture, nobody especially cared to warn men of these dangers.

     Men who are sexually active should also have regular screenings. It's important not just for us personally, but to avoid spreading diseases unintentionally---maybe to someone we genuinely care about. 

     One of the main reasons for this spike in STDs is because homosexuality has become more mainstream. Because of the filthiness and promiscuity in that lifestyle; sexual diseases have always been rampant. It's also a well-known fact that many homosexual men will seek out intentional sexual relationships with women in order to infect them and their normal male partners. This is just another form of their 'activism'.

     Unfortunately, too, many of today's women exercise very little discretion in their choice of men. This is one reason why we don't recommend dating women with a history of thug-chasing or carousel-riding. Not only are they typically messed-up psychologically; they can be physically as well. And neither case bodes well for your future if you get involved with them. Also watch out for women with 'gay friends', for obvious reasons. 

     The Mayo Clinic's website has some good information on what is involved and how often tests should be done. It's always best though to remember the old saying that, "you either take precautions or you take the consequences".

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