Thursday, July 12, 2018


     There was a sad story in the news from Washington State. A 16 year-old boy named Benjamin Eastman was lured by two homosexual perverts to remote area where he was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered. Jonathan Adamson and his half-brother Benny Marquez were arrested for the crime. Marquez had posted a 'missing persons' bulletin on Facebook just a day or two ago.

     Police say that Eastman and Marquez were classmates in the local high school. Eastman was found of camping and athletics. Marquez invited Eastman on a camping trip and that was the fatal trap that he and his stepbrother staged. 

     The Eastman Case is an example of why we men today have a special obligation to look out for our boys. Despite what the media says, vicious homosexual predators are quite active. That's especially true out here on the West Coast where interest groups have been aggressively pushing 'acceptance' and normalization of this revolting lifestyle.

     Boys in Eastman's age-range are especially vulnerable. They're under a lot of peer-pressure not to push back against pro-homosexual propaganda (i.e. grooming) going on in nearly every social point of contact which they experience. When they end up in the talons of a 'chickenhawk'---like Eastman did---they just become another statistic. The Media's too busy celebrating Rainbow Pride to care. 

     The same media even concocted a neologism, homophobia, to shame and intimidate normal men from protecting boys and young men. It's interesting that as soon as that term starting gaining currency, the whole AIDS Epidemic miraculously vanished from the front pages. Yet, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation's 2016 annual report, 13-24 year-old males made up 21% of new AIDS cases in the US. 

     More men need to stand up to the perverts and be proactive. If you see something, say something. Teach boys and young men how to spot and how to avoid these creeps. We can't count on society at this point, but change has to begin somewhere. We don't want any more Eastman Cases in our future. 


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