Thursday, June 21, 2018


    When it comes to giving men both bad advice and bad reputations, the yo-yo's at the Return of Kings blog is a gift to man-haters that keeps on giving. The self-described manly Alpha leaders were again busy beating their chests this week; complaining of the cuckolding of the Science Fiction industry. The Science Fiction genre has been a particular point of irritation to the Red Pills because several of their leaders are frustrated authors. The alleged 'SJW convergence' of the industry serves as a convenient excuse for their failures. 

     One of these bohemians named 'Jared Trueheart' wrote at Return of Kings that Feminism has taken over Sci-Fi; and as proof of this, he argues that "There's a new archetype appearing in many sci-fi stories: the brilliant and beautiful scientist."

    I'm not certain how new that is; beautiful and brilliant scientists have been in fiction of all kinds for a long time:

      What these Manosphere clabber-heads don't understand is a very well-known motif in fiction: sex sells. This is especially true in the pulps. To spice up a story, you add pretty girls. Actual hard-core Feminist characters have never been popular. In the 1970's DC Comics tried to re-cast the 'Wonder Woman' character in that role, and the move was a flop. 

     Nonetheless, Trueheart cites as further 'proof' of the Feminist takeover the 2017 Amazon TV series, Electric Dreams. On a scale of 1-10, most Internet ratings give the series a less-than-stellar 6.2 ( at the low end to 7.3 (imdb) at tops. We're talking about a very mediocre production here. Regardless of Trueheart's analysis, Electric Dreams doesn't stand as proof of much of anything.

     Next, he tells us that "the best example of how Feminism is taking over Sci-Fi is the acclaimed film, 'Annhiliation.' This movie was something of a surprise hit this year; but so far from being part of a Social Engineering scheme devised by SJW's, film critic Roger Ebert explains that the studio moguls at Paramount thought it so unconventional that they invested very little in its promotion. Ebert liked the film, but does it intentionally promote a Feminist message? He says:

     "'Annihilation' is not an easy film to discuss. It's a movie that will have different meanings to different viewers who are willing to engage with is meant to linger in your minds and haunt your dreams." (emphasis ours). In other words, it's an artistic production that evokes thought rather than social programming. 

     Granted, most fiction today isn't that good; hence the writers and producers interject more female characters to liven up the plot. (I haven't watched Annihilation, but it sounds like an exception to that trend). At any rate, it's the Market and not social engineers who decide what plots are viable. That's why the modern mass-media has to inflate its prices every year: to compensate for declining audiences.

     As for Return of Kings, a specimen of their readers' intellectual abilities can be seen in the comments' section. One fellow opines that: "Gravity is science fiction. Gravity is a theory. There is no 'pull'. The apple falls, not because earth pulls it down, but because it is denser than air. That's why Helium rises and bubbles in the water rise as well. I'm sick of this hoax."


      Forget what these Manosphere retards say. The personal is NOT political. It doesn't make you a 'soyboy' or a 'cuckservative' to enjoy a certain genre of entertainment. 


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