Tuesday, June 12, 2018


    During the weekend, a celebrity chef and travel correspondent named Anthony Bourdain was found dead in a Paris hotel. He was hanged, and the Surete has ruled it a suicide. An unusual circumstance in this particular case was that Bourdain left no suicide note. 

     That hasn't stopped the Red Pills of the so-called Manosphere from speculating on his demise. They are experts in everything, after all. Just ask them and they'll tell you so.

      Return of Kings, a sort of clearing-house blog for sleazy PUAs and other Gamesters, published an article yesterday by one Max Roscoe, who claims that Bourdain was driven to suicide by not subscribing to the Red Pill and their cult-like views. It couldn't have been that Bourdain was a known drug addict with several obvious character flaws. He went through a number of failed marriages and mostly made his reputation as a chef by putting down---usually in the most snarky terms---other chefs. He was also known for embracing politically-correct causes like 'fighting sexual harassment in the restaurants'. The restaurants singled out for his criticism, however, invariably were ones in which his competitors were involved. His PC views extended to most of his cooking; he was a big promoter of 'traditional peasant dishes' (you know, the type of cooking that immigrants come to America to escape) and, of course, expounding on the virtues of these humble cultures while living the lifestyle himself of a jet-set millionaire. 

      In other words, Bourdain had a deeply dysfunctional character. His life below his polished veneer was a disaster and he was very likely a neurotic with Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, and Amphetamines. 

      But Max Roscoe tells us that Bourdain's failings came from not understanding the 'true nature' of women. He speaks of Bourdain's marriage to his first wife to his high-school sweetheart. "If I had married so young, I shudder to think of the horrid decisions I would have made without learning the nature of women the hard way." Awkwardly enough for Roscoe, Bourdain was 29 years old when he married this girl. Roscoe apparently just assumed, from reading media reports, that the two married after school.

     The couple divorced after 20 years of marriage. About 2 years later, Bourdain married a female martial artist named Ottavia Busia. Roscoe claims that Ottavia sent up numerous 'red flags' that she was uncommitted to her husband. He neglects to mention though that Bourdain belonged to the same martial-arts school as Ottavia. It's not as though they had no common interests.

      The couple separated about 10 years later and Bourdain began dating an Italian actress named Asia Argento, one of the accusers in the Harvey Weinstein Scandal. It's not clear how close Bourdain and Asia really were, but Roscoe makes a sensational deal about it. Bourdain was married to his first wife for 20 years and was still legally married to the second after 13 years when he died. 

      All things considered, it appears that women were the least of Bourdain's problems. Roscoe, however, links Bourdain to Robin Williams and Freddie Prinze, whom he claims were killed by 'radical feminism' although he doesn't explain what he means. As it happens, Williams was also a drug addict and, according to his psychiatrist, was suffering from Delusions of Paranoia. Prinze's family won a judgment in 1983 after proving that Prinze's suicide was "medication induced and accidental." Granted, we're no fans here of Feminism---radical or otherwise---but these two suicides had nothing to with it.

     The rest of Roscoe's article is Red Pill self-serving propaganda, heavily spiked with presumptions about Bourdain that Roscoe couldn't possibly know. He claims for example that "Bourdain believed the Blue-Pilled myth of the gentle, sweet, kind, and loyal woman." Considering that two women put up with Bourdain and his awful behavior for almost 45 years combined would seem to indicate that female loyalty at least isn't much of a 'myth'.

     But Return of Kings is mostly wall-to-wall myth and general hogwash that men should avoid. 


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