Tuesday, June 5, 2018


    At The Red Pill Subreddit, another self-appointed 'relationship expert' calling himself LiveAFTSOV has published an article explaining 'oneitis' and how to overcome it. Of course, there really is no such thing as Oneitis. It's an imaginary term that the poison-pill crowd uses to shame men who bond emotionally in a monogamous relationship with a girl. In other words, what mature men actually do.

    Here are his brilliant words of wisdom. See if you notice anything missing:

     "Oneitis, love...Do you really love her or do you love the things she does for you, and the illusion you've crafted for her in your mind? You don't love her or care about her. I guarantee it.

     "You care about what she did for you. You care that she cooked; that she cleaned; that she sucked. You care what she did for you. You don't love her, you love the idealized fantasy of her---the one that you created in your mind and dubbed 'the ideal woman' and then compare her to that. That's who you really love. 

    "It's not her you like. Frustration, disappointment, anger---but it all goes away once she shakes that ass, because the ass is what you really like. Her idiosyncrasies annoy you but her feminine charms and big butt let you overlook the flaws. You like the body. 

   "You don't miss her. After the first few hours after the break-up, you're mourning the routine. The waking up with instant blow-jobs, the simple easy sex, the contentment with chilling, not really doing anything. You miss the routine.

   "The next time you think about reaching out to your ex-girlfriend, your oneitis, just remember: it's not her that you miss. You're just horny. There's a profound philosophy behind all of this: 'just fap on it.' You're missing her tits. You're missing her ass. You're an addict, crying about the loss of a constant supply of access {to her orifices}. Do you even like her? Do you even know her? Bust a nut and see if it's really her, the human being, that you're missing, or just her ass that you're crying about. Don't worry. There are plenty of other asses to get addicted to."

    Well, aside from the bad grammar, the other flaw in this argument is that's coming from someone who obviously can't understand love above the superficial, physical plane. The narcissism displayed in this piece is glaring. If it describes a real breakup, the girl probably left because she was sick of putting up with someone who saw her as nothing but a routine. 

     What's missing from this article does the author allude to things that they did together nor things that he did to make her happy. It's all about him; even down to recommending autoeroticism as a substitute for a relationship.

     Love isn't merely about having sex---it's about earning a monogamous relationship with a female who complements you. Men and women are designed for cooperation. It's like the lyrics to an old song goes: "Maybe you'll never stop to think what a true test it would be...of your ever-loving manhood and your masculinity...if you can satisfy the woman back home there every night... instead of now-and-then the girl, with cheap perfume and candlelight."

    There is no cure for 'oneitis' because oneitis isn't really a disease. LiveAFTSOV practically admits that in a latter comment: "The key is turning {feelings of} love into apathy. This is done by the removal of trust. You no longer care about the cheating, betrayal, etc. because you no longer trust her to behave in other ways, thus becoming apathetic to her actions."

    In other words, this boob is arguing that men pre-emtively short-circuit any sadness they might feel if the relationship ends---by never trusting the girl to begin with! He's not taking any chances on getting hurt by not taking any chances on her reciprocating love. How unmanly is that? Men are by nature risk-takers, and that includes romantic and relationship risks. 

    No wonder then that these Red Pills always end up getting cucked. Women are repelled by a lack of courage; and the Red Pills' low opinion of women always drives them to seek out the damaged kinds of females who fit their stereotypes. It's the same reason that Feminists invariably end up with abusive jerks and losers. 

    Avoid the Red Pill: it's really a narcotic.



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