Wednesday, June 6, 2018


    A beauty pageant without any beauty. There's something about that statement which completely encapsulates everything that's wrong with gender relations in America today. 

    In case you haven't heard, the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Pageant decided to eliminate the swimsuit competition and "radically change" the evening-gown competition. I suppose that should be expected when the Chair of the Board looks like this:

    That's the kind of look I'd be afraid to let any female whom I truly cared about anywhere near. She looks like the kind of woman whom Hollywood used to cast as wicked stepmothers. Gretchen Carlson is her name; and she not only envies pretty young girls, she gained notoriety for screaming sexual harassment against her former boss after he allegedly jilted her for another woman.

     There really isn't much to comment about the story itself: all that it really means is that the Miss America Pageant will plummet in popularity even faster than the NFL; and American women will continue getting trounced in the Miss Universe Pageant. If it weren't for the fact that we own Puerto Rico and Hawaii, we'd rarely make any showing at all.

     The really sad part about this story isn't that men will be deprived of watching bathing-beauties. Out here on the Pacific, we can do that with a trip to the beach. The sad part is that so many young girls will have to forego that they get from participating in these competitions. 

     Despite what feminists say, females have an inherent drive to display their looks, just as we males are attracted to them doing so. It's simple biology. Women dream of being the most admired and beautiful---that's why we have things like beauty pageants to begin with. Why do you suppose the winners are always given a crown and little girls play at being princesses? 

     Now, beauty does fade, but most women compensate for it by settling into a sort of dignified elegance. Think of someone like Jackie Kennedy or Gloria Swanson as an example. Some sad cases go into denial about it. Others can't handle it at all and turn into real barracudas. Consider that the vicious harridan pictured above looked like this just 30 years ago:

     What ages women in a negative way comes completely from their attitudes. A lifetime of envy, hatred, resentment, and gold-digging is what turns Gretchen Carlson circa 1988 into Gretchen Carlson circa 2018. 

      But, of course, this isn't an advice blog for women. Nonetheless men should be aware of these psychodyamics. Marriage or LTR's are going to bring you face-to-face with this issue sooner or later. That's why it's so vitally important to choose potential mates with a positive outlook on life. They're much more likely to transition from gorgeous to glamorous than mean-spirited and resentful types. Also, if you've got a young lovely who's about to head into so-called 'MILF' status---be supportive of her. She could use some reinforcement, and who knows? Some MILF's have been known to get a second burst of sexual energy if they really feel motivated. 

      As for the Miss America Pageant---forget it. But there'll be plenty of foxes to check out on the international networks, which appear on Youtube. 

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  1. "Beauty does fade." And sometimes it becomes a verb, as in *to Gretchen.