Monday, May 7, 2018


      Today, in 1945, the supposedly invincible Nazi Wehrmacht surrendered unconditionally to Allied Forces. And thus World War 2 in Europe came to an end. The following day, President Truman proclaimed V-E Day in the United States. In Europe, the victory was a combined effort of Americans, British, Russians, Frenchmen, and the Underground militias of twenty or so countries. 

      American veterans of the Second World War today are all well into their 90's and older. Last December, on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, President Trump greeted seven of the last survivors of the day that will live in infamy at a White House ceremony. 

      It's sad when we look at the Internet today---especially in the so-called 'Manosphere'--- there is a definite resurgence of an Americanized version of Naziism. 

      The Manosphere in its present incarnation has become a cesspool of White Supremacy, Male Supremacy, Anti-Semitism, Neo-Confederate Ideologies; and Holocaust Deniers; with an unhealthy dose of religious heresies, pseudoscience, and historical revisionism thrown into the mix. What's remarkable about this phenomenon is that most of us are but two or three generations removed from men and women who were fighting and sacrificing to keep the Nazi scourge from our shores. 

       What is driving this trend? Ignorance is a huge factor. Our dumbed-down public schools have done little during the past few decades to teach things like Democracy and the Constitution. And another factor is the extremism and excesses of the political Left. In fact, in Europe, every country that went Fascist did so largely in reaction to the arrogant and overbearing conduct of the Liberal governments preceding them. An exasperated populace becomes easy prey for those preaching the opposite extreme. 

       Mostly, though, it's being driven by a morbid lust for power. This is reflected in nearly all of their writings. They believe themselves 'Alpha' supermen; and want to subjugate all others to their will. What they really admire about the Third Reich was the absolute power that the regime held; along with its utter indifference to civilized norms and its complete contempt for public opinion. What they fail to understand is that their strength is really superficial and that they themselves are weaklings. In their fantasies, whatever they can't obtain through their efforts can be achieved by force. 

        That's why it's important for men today to call out and expose these extremists for what they really are: mostly losers, cowards, and punks with Superiority Complexes. We have to take it upon ourselves to help younger men steer clear of such ideas.Younger men who haven't studied history and lack practical experience with life are especially vulnerable to 'Red Pill' sophistry. And it wouldn't hurt a lot of us to sit at the feet of an even older generation of men who lived through those times and learn from them and what they witnessed first-hand.

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