Wednesday, May 9, 2018


    So while reading through some of the Manosophere blogs the other day, I came across the cornball Chateau Heartiste. It was Cinco de Mayo that day, the author of this ridiculous site naturally had to peddle another of the Red Pills' leading myths: "Diversity + Proximity = War." 

     Readers unfamiliar with the Red Pills should understand first and foremost that it's a habit among the mountebanks who lead these fora to invent endless lists of commandments, ironclad rules, principles, etc. The Ten Commandments and The Bill of Rights don't apply to them: that's for us unenlightened 'normies'. 

      Thus the belief that war is inevitable when persons of differing race, creed, religion, or national origin interact is another tenet which is thrown out by them as a self-evident truth. However if we look at our history, we Americans fought a War of Independence from a country whose citizens were not dissimilar to us. The US Civil War was the bloodiest war in history: and it was fought between Americans. The British, French, Belgians, and Germans are descended from the same racial and religious stock; and yet they fought two World Wars. 

       The reality is that the human male is psychologically constructed to want a woman who is unique. It's well known that White American men have a weakness for Asian women; White European men are inclined to Latinas and Arab women; while Black, Latin, and Middle Eastern men have a decided tendency to favor White women. The Ancient Roman historian Suetonius reported that Roman men were marrying the blondes and redheads of Northern Europe in such numbers that it started a trend of Roman women bleaching their hair. Incidentally, a Roman wife was highly prized by the North Africans and Persians.

       The whole diversity/proximity/war myth is popular among the Red Pills because they need excuses for their manifold sexual and romantic failures. They are (in their own minds) 'Alphas'; so it's impossible for women to resist them unless women are being influenced by an external source. Anyone who's read an elementary book on psychology can see the Superiority Complex manifested here. 

      The author of Chateau Heartiste is no exception. His real name is James Weidmann, as we learned after he foolishly let himself be doxxed about 10 years ago. He's in his 50's now and was last known to have worked as a petty bureaucrat in Washington, DC during the Obama Administration. This probably largely explains his envy of powerful Black men. Shortly after the 2016 Election, he wrote that Obama should be hanged. He's also a huge advocate of sexbots replacing real women at some point in the future. 

      Don't be THAT guy. He's lived by a philosophy that's made him nothing but a stereotypical bitter, middle-aged loser and that's how his followers eventually will wind up. Proximity of men and women---regardless of their backgrounds---usually doesn't lead to war; but to Nature taking its course. 


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