Tuesday, May 29, 2018


     The Red-Pilled jugheads in the so-called Manosphere---a group never loathe to prey upon vulnerable men for fun and profit---are ballyhooing one of their annual non-events. This is the laughable '21 Convention'. This event is an offshoot of a vlog started in 2007 by a teenage boy who calls himself Anthony Dream Johnson. Nothing could be a better metaphor for most of the Game/PUA Movement than that. 

     So Little Anthony, who's now 28, married a half-way attractive wife, and for a handsome sum will tell his secrets of how you too can learn the secrets of being a hit with the ladies. One of Johnson's biggest camp-followers is an obnoxious Internet troll named Rollo Tomassi. Tomassi runs a blog with the misleading title The Rational Male and is a leading contributor to the infamous Red Pill Subreddit, which is led by disgraced New Hampshire politician, Robert Fisher. 

     Tomassi is hyping up the event, which includes 20 speakers hand-picked by himself and Little Anthony. Unsurprisingly, they all have merchandise to sell on the side. Tickets to this august event start at modest $999 and wind up at $1799. Given the number of suckers  men who typically attend these events, that comes out to around a cool $10,000 rake-off for each speaker. Not bad for a weekend's work.

     What do you get in return for all this? Tomassi tells us that you can get one year's access to all their vlogs ad-free. (A subscription to Youtube Red does about the same for less). You get access to a big dinner on Friday night. (Pick the best restaurant in your hometown instead---it's still cheaper. Better still, you can bring along a girl you really like there, but apparently you can't bring one to the convention). Then you have access to a private party on Saturday where you can converse with Tomassi personally (as if we don't get enough of his crap for free on his blog, Twitter, Reddit, etc.). As Tomassi says, it's a male safe space. You can imagine living in such a perfect world: free of women and controlled by angry INCEL nitwits.

      Honestly, there's not a whole lot that one could learn from any of these Red Pill charlatans that justifies laying out at least $2,000 and a trip to Orlando. If you want to become more successful with women, spend the money on self-improvement. Or, if you want to step up an existing relationship a bit, take the Fair One on a vacation. You won't learn anything from the latent (Tomassi) or overt (Jack Donovan) homosexuals who are among the speakers.

      Some of the other jokers scheduled include infomercial host Pat Campbell; ex-hedge and fund manager Jack Murphy. Also speaking are Mormon and 'men's style coach'  Tanner Guzy; Return of Kings contributor Donovan Sharpe; and 'relationship coach' Dr. Shawn T. Smith. The 'Dark Triad Man', Ivan Throne; Eric Von Sydow, another relationship coach; and homosexual cultist Jack Donovan. Not to mention Hunter Drew; a guru for married 'Alphas'; 'life coach' Richard Grannon; 'dating coach' Alan Roger Currie...you get the idea. Sort of like watching a marathon infomercial when you could be doing something productive.

      Don't fall for this kind of nonsense. All that self-improvement takes is a desire and the will to do better. It certainly doesn't come from swallowing some 'Red Pill' at $2,000 per dose.

Don't Be THAT Guy!!!!!!


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