Wednesday, May 23, 2018


    In a ceremony today at the US Justice Department's 'Missing Children Day' event, Colin Blevin, a 45 year-old construction worker from Santa Clara, California was decorated for his heroic rescue last year of a kidnapped infant. 

    In July 2017, a father in Soledad, California left his 8-month old son in an idling car momentarily to retrieve something he'd forgotten in the house. A drug-addled street bum who'd apparently been casing the house, jumped into the car and sped away before the father returned. Police attempts to locate the vehicle were unsuccessful and, at around 5 A.M. the next morning, issued an 'Amber Alert'. 

    Colin Blevin arrived at a construction site in San Jose when he saw the dirtbag in the stolen vehicle blocking the entrance. He spotted the baby in the backseat and confronted the thug over whose child it was. Blevin became suspicious of the bum's garbled answers; and he forcibly took the child. The scum became frightened and fled the scene. When police arrived, they identified the baby as the missing child. 

    A few hours after the child and parents were reunited, the suspect was caught. Blevin apparently had scared him so badly that he'd run all the way to Salinas! He was sent to San Quentin until some time in the next decade.

    "Blevin's quick actions epitomize courage, selflessness, and vigilance; and brought an innocent child home to safety." said Assistant AG Jesse Panuccio, "The Department commends Mr. Blevin for making his community safer."

    Good men doing good things: they're out there, despite what the media says. Good work, Colin. 😇


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