Saturday, April 21, 2018


      There were two very inspiring stories this week of good men doing good things. Both involved working with the FBI and both were praised and cited by Attorney-General Jeff Sessions. Both are examples of ordinary men who rise to do extraordinary things. 

      The first of these is Kevin Rivers, a police detective with the Gila River (Arizona) Police Department. Rivers was co-awarded the Federal Service Award on Tuesday with FBI Special Agent, Sherry Rice. The two worked for several months to apprehend a dangerous sexual predator who'd eluded authorities for decades. 

      The Casa Grande Dispatch reported that Rivers was assigned to investigate one Anthony E. Jackson in January 2016 after a 10-year old girl was allegedly abused sexually by him. Rivers learned that Jackson had a reputation as a pervert in and around the Gila River Indian Reservation. He contacted the FBI with his suspicions; and with Rice's help, managed to secure evidence linking Jackson to at least two other sexual assaults on a 6 and 9-year old. Jackson was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in prison. 

       It's known that Jackson abused at least seven others. "Through their hard work and dedication, Detective Rivers and Agent Rice have brought closure and relief to girls in the Gila River Indian Community who've suffered for decades at the hands of a sexual predator." US Attorney-General Sessions said at the award. "I want to thank them both for their courage and outstanding service in investigating this case and assuring that justice was served."

      The next day, on Wednesday, a federal jury convicted three Kansas men of plotting a 2016 terrorist attack on a Somalian Community Center. The plot involved using four truck bombs to level the entire block consisting of apartments, small businesses, and a mosque. The plot never came to fruition because of a local former probation officer named Dan Day. 

      Day, who was and is a political Conservative, learned of the plot against the Community Center in his hometown of Garden City, Kansas. In a small town, secrets are not easily kept; and Day reported his suspicions to the FBI. Then---at considerable personal risk---he voluntarily worked as an undercover FBI informant and even revealed his true identity at the trial. By the FBI's own admission, Day was responsible for "thwarting an attack and saving hundreds of lives" and that "Federal prosecutors would never have had case without him."

      U.S. Attorney Tony Mattivi told the media afterwards that "Day could have walked away like other members of the larger militia group who knew that a plan was in motion but did nothing to stop it. Day is a real patriot and a true hero."

     At sentencing this June, the three terrorists face a maximum of a life sentence. 

     Rivers and Day are what being a man is all about. Good for both of them and let's drink two toasts to them tonight. 😉




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