Friday, April 27, 2018


     This week we saw yet another example of an average man rising above and beyond the call of duty. In this case, not once but twice. If this kind of trend keeps up, our society will actually have to start respecting men again.

      We've all heard about the late-night shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee. The shooter, an obvious nutcase and likely a dope fiend, burst into the restaurant stark naked with an M-16 rifle and began gunning people down. But James Shaw, who had stopped in for a snack after a late-night party, charged straight at the gunman and pulled away the rifle. The dirtbag fled but was caught by police shortly afterwards. 

      Shaw's heroic actions caught national attention, drawing a personal commendation from Vice-President Pence among other politicians. But Shaw didn't stop there. Only a few hours afterwards, Shaw capitalized on his new-found public status---not for his own gain---but to start a crowdsourcing effort to raise money for the victims of the shooting. At last report, $165,000 had been raised. 

     Anyone interested in donating can help at www. 

     Good men doing good things: it really does happen, folks. 

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