Thursday, April 5, 2018


     Most normal men desire a happy marriage and a family. The willingness of a man to take on that kind of responsibility and bond exclusively to one woman, is a mark of his maturity. The ideal is summed up in some of our major religions: "The two shall become one flesh."

      There are certain characters in the so-called 'Manosphere' however, who haven't reached this level of maturity. And they encourage other men to be just as silly and immature as they are. Boys just on the cusp of physical manhood may fantasize about harems of women. But men focus on satisfying one.

      The blog Return of Kings is a veritable smorgasbord of this kind of immature inanity. A recent article published there titled The Myth of the Happy Married Life is an example. It's written by somebody calling himself Dr. Ernest Wiseman who claims to be an expert on 'evolutionary sociology' (whatever that means); interpersonal relationships; and the psychology of humor. According to Dr. Wiseman, all of this erudition has landed him the august career of "making hilarious t-shirts for dudes."

       And there are actually men out there who take a guy like this seriously. Oh well: Wiseman nonetheless gives us four very high-brow and academically verifiable reasons why marriage is doomed to lead invariably to unhappiness for men. 

       1) It keeps a man from chasing other women when he may want to.

       2.)You'll feel like you've been trapped.

        3.) "You'll become bored banging the same broad."

         4.) And her physical attractiveness will diminish.

      Thus Wiseman concludes that men will never be happy in marriage because---to put it frankly---after sex a man gains no benefit from it. How stupid and immature is that? Really this is no better than the Feminist belief that men's only value is as sperm donors. 

       If a man marries for no other reason than getting regular sex, he's bound to be disappointed and resentful. Because the type of woman that kind of man usually marries isn't good for anything else. A mature man chooses wisely: a girl who's smart and has a lot in common with him. That type of relationship is built on love and friendship.

      Successful relationships take dedication and work. But you'll never hear that on sites like Return of Kings. Hard work and dedication is something they scrupulously avoid, but they don't mind selling products and collecting fat donations from men looking for either quick fixes or plausible excuses (but never actual solutions) to their relationship problems.

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