Tuesday, April 3, 2018


      There was an interesting article published recently on the blog See There's This Thing Called Biology. It's a Christian-themed blog dealing largely with relationships; but this particular article is worth reading regardless of one's faith or creed. It deals with the growing suspicion that the 'Red Pill Movement' of the Manosphere is nothing more than a cult and a dangerous one at that. 

        Hopefully, most of our readers here aren't susceptible to cults; but it's something of which men should be aware. The Red Pill---and its spin-offs 'Game'; "PUA'; "MGTOW'; INCEL; and many elements of the political Far Right*---are things with which men today come in regular contact. And they are things of which we must beware.

{*By the term 'Far Right' we aren't referring to Republicans or mainstream Conservatives. The Far Right referred to here is closer to Fascism or even Naziism in its doctrines. Manosphere blogs are increasingly littered with anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, White Supremacism, etc.}

        The Red Pill Cult is a new phenomenon. It was born on the Internet and is a product of the new technology. It's not a cult with a single leader, but rather a network of blogs and forums generally going in the same direction. Despite not having a coherent doctrine nor an organizational framework, TRP has the same level of dogmatism and radicalism that we find in other cults. "Taking the Red Pill" is a 21st Century type of conversion experience. 

          The general theme of these movements includes the presumed superiority of some men. The superior men are the 'Alphas' and 'Chads' and invariably white men. Women are universally disrespected and despised. Among this clique, believers are fanatically loyal to the various gurus and mountebanks pontificating on these theories. These informal leaders include blogs and bloggers such as Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi, Dalrock, Chateau Heartiste, Matt Forney, Return of Kings, TRP Subreddit, and a host of lesser-known personalities. They back many of their theories with patchworks of religious tenets and pseudoscience heavily rooted in Evolutionary Psychology, Jungian Sociology, Transactional Analysis and the Delphi Technique. A number of the writers and leaders of TRP have very shady personal histories; often including criminal records.

            Don't be taken in by the Red Pill Cult. It's a worthy task of all men everywhere to educate themselves about this menace and stamp it out wherever it appears.

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