Friday, March 2, 2018


     The perverts in the Manosphere's Game/PUA movement are always seeking new ways to corrupt both young men and men old enough to know better. Unfortunately, they are well-funded by their fanatical followers (much like a cult)---many of whom are foreign nationals and American expats promulgating anti-American ideals. The latest of these attempts comes from Ted Beale, who writes under the name Vox Day. 

      Vox Day is a very mediocre science fiction writer who earned the distinction of being the only member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America to be expelled in its 52-year history. He was also deeply involved in the infamous 2014 Gamergate fiasco and last year nearly was banned at Amazon for his pathetic attempts to sabotage author John Scalzi. 

     Vox' new project is called Voxiversity, which he announced last September and launched in late February. It consists of a series of video lectures posted on Youtube and through his blogs, Vox Populi and Alpha Game Plan. The ostensible purpose of this series is to, in Vox' words, "to give tens of million of men and women the ability to survive in the culture wars." Despite being offered free-of-charge on Google-owned Youtube and Twitter-owned Periscope, Vox tells us that these videos reflect views "being silenced by social media giants." 

       This isn't the first attempt by the Gamers and PUA parasites to create an online school-for-men. There was formerly a blog called The University of Man operated by a doofus who called himself 'Professor Mentu'. Mentu was laughed off the Internet after promoting the insane notion that male sterilization was an antidote to Radical Feminism. Fortunately for the future of the human race, Mentu led by example. 

       Voxiversity though aspires to reach a wider audience than University of Man. It's been funded through Chuck Johnson's website 'Freestartr'. Johnson is a notorious internet troll who founded Freestartr after being kicked off of numerous mainstream sites for repeated TOU violations. Judging by Freestartr's web pages, Vox Day and his various fronts are Johnson's biggest clients. Which money he'll desperately need, since he's being sued for Libel by people he's falsely accused in connection with the Charlottesville attack last Summer.

        Vox claims that his project was influenced by Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux. If that isn't deterrent enough for most normal men, the first edition of Voxiversity was given restricted access by Youtube due to its blatantly inflammatory nature. It dealt with Immigration Issues (Vox is opposed to mixed-race marriages). He actually claimed in this episode that immigration is more catastrophic than warfare. 

        This is why we claim that most of the Manosphere is toxic for men. It's run by the same types of guys who banned from all of the local bars and clubs because they keep starting fights---and then afterwards complain that they are the victims of a deep-level conspiracy. Don't be those guys. They're always going to be losers, intent on dragging down others with them.


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