Monday, March 12, 2018


   One of our main purposes here---besides being a nice place for normal guys to hang out---is to help men avoid the plethora of bad advice out there. One of the worst of these is called INCEL, internet shorthand for involuntary celibacy. 

    Like a lot of Manosphere terms, INCEL can mean a lot of things. Let's be honest here; most men go through periods of involuntary celibacy. Even when you're in an LTR there are times when she's in a bad humor and you're stuck until she cheers up.😡 INCEL can also result from a shortage of available women locally. This isn't what we're talking about though here. Those problems have solutions.

     Most of the INCEL community on the Internet isn't interested in finding solutions. To give an idea of what kind of mentality motivates these clowns, consider that Elliot Roger was not only an active member of the INCEL community, he's still considered a hero to many, if not most of them.

     So, a few days ago one of the regulars at the Braincel Subreddit posted a suicidal note (which has since been deleted). A moderator calling himself rather immodestly 'IQ9K' wrote the following response:

      "F--- man. I've you've done it, you could at least have pride in the fact that that you were brave enough to go through. I hope that you find happiness, if not here on earth, then somewhere else." 

      That comment has generated 1,100 downvotes and counting. If you're a Reddit subscriber, feel free to drop by that forum and add your's too.

       The whole attitude of the people making up this movement is death-centered like this. Most are wallowing in dark swamp of envy and bitterness on the one hand and despair of ever changing their situation on the other. Like Elliot Roger himself, most are probably latent homosexuals---which would explain the brooding morbidity of their mindsets. 

        It's a genuinely serious problem for men to be deprived of the opposite sex. But there are solutions for this problem which don't include suicide, mass-murder or spouting online vulgarities like these clods are doing. Men are biologically wired to problem-solving and INCEL problems are no different. 

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