Friday, March 16, 2018


     Nazis and White Supremacists are a notoriously stupid lot. To follow a gang who started and lost World War 2 is hardly a sign of intelligence. We here believe that all men are created equal but what they do with those abilities is what counts.

      This weekend's movie recommendation depicts both Nazi stupidity and real men rising to their fullest potential. Three the Hard Way is an action-packed classic that had a huge following in its day and still has a number of fans. 

       The storyline itself is quite good. A Neo-Nazi leader (played by Jay Robinson) and a mad scientist (played by Richard Angarola) conceive of making a biological weapon to genocide the entire Black race in North America. However, an investigator named House escapes the compound, and---though critically wounded---seeks help from his friend, Jimmy Lait (played by Jim Brown). Lait takes House to the hospital; but the latter is too badly wounded to unveil the plot. 

       Meanwhile, the Nazis raid the hospital and kill House, taking Lait's girlfriend Wendy (played by the lovely Sheila Frazier) hostage. 

        Picking on Big Jim Brown is good way to fulfill a death wish. Especially when he teams up with his friends Jagger Daniels (played by Fred 'the Hammer' Williamson) and Mister Keyes (played by Jim 'the Black Samurai' Kelly). As the trio hunts for Wendy, the Nazis try to eliminate them before they uncover their secret plan. The plot then thickens even more; because the three heroes have to stop the genocidal toxin from being released before they can rescue the damsel in distress. It's a race against the clock---who will win?

        Three the Hard Way is, overall, a better-than-average action film. There's a strong plot woven between the numerous car chases, fistfights, and shoot-outs. Also, two of Jim Kelly's most famous fight scenes are in this movie: one where he takes on a half-dozen corrupt cops trying to frame him; and another where he takes on a squad of Nazis at the Washington Waterworks. The latter sequence has a cameo appearance from Kung Fu legend David Chow. And Sheila Frazier makes a plucky but wonderful damsel to be rescued. 

         Good Men Doing Good Things: that's what Three the Hard Way is all about. It's a four-star special ⍟⍟⍟⍟ which---if you haven't seen--- is worth a watch. In fact, even if you have seen it, it's worth watching again. 

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