Saturday, March 3, 2018


     As a general rule at this site, we don't delve much into theological arguments. We have another site where religious and political controversies are freely discussed. However, sometimes religious sites have tips of universal interest to men. An example was recently provided by our friends at The Catholic News Agency blog. 

    This is Lenten Season among Catholics---which means Friday fish. So these writers have done a useful review of six national fast-food chains offering fish specials. 

     The reviews included the ubiquitous McDonald's Fillet-of-Fish; as well asWendy's Premium North Pacific Cod Fillet; Burger King's BK Big Fish; Popeye's Seafood Po'Boy; Bojangles' Bojangler; and Chick-Fil-A's fish sandwich. 

     It should be noted that Wendy's, Chick-Fil-A, and Bojangles' only offer their fish during the Easter Season. Chick-Fil-A was ranked best by the reviewers, though it seems hard to find and unavailable in some locations. Somewhat off-topic here, but if you're looking for the best chicken sandwiches, Chick-Fil-A wins hands-down. 

     Of the remaining three, here's our rankings; which differ some from the CNA review.

1.) McDonald's: The old stand-by is still the best. McDonald's was the first chain to offer fish sandwiches. This is a no-frills, great-tasting sandwich that---unlike their beef products---still uses real meat. Comes with cheese and an average-tasting, but wholly adequate Tartar Sauce. In fact, their Tartar Sauce is actually pretty good, though I seem to remember it containing dill in the old days (I might be wrong about that). 

2.) Popeye's: This is the place to go if you really want to go all-out on a fish sandwich. They use French Bread rolls and include pickles and lettuce. They have a 'Cajun Style' batter and the fish is fried crispier than McDonald's. Their Tartar Sauce was nothing to brag about. But you can also add cheese or substitute their famous Popcorn Shrimp for the fish. 

3.) Burger King: Ranked last on the CNA list and last here as well. Let's face it: BK is not what it used to be on much of anything and the BK Big Fish is no exception. The fish itself isn't too bad---it's genuine Alaskan Pollock---but I agree with the CNA reviewers that it's more bun than meat. That's also true of BK's hamburgers, by the way. Their Tartar Sauce is also way too sweet. 

     Since we're a West Coast blog, though, I would like to give a plug to Ivar's which is a local chain in the Pacific Northwest. It's the best fast-food seafood chain in the Seattle area by far and has a location in Spokane as well. Ivar's doesn't have sandwiches; but various seafoods and chips; excellent clam chowder; and dinner entrees at a reasonable fast-food price. Sort of like Popeye's only regional and less Cajun. Ivar's also owns Kidd Valley which is a great place for hamburgers in the PNW.

     Wherever you are though, there's always a good selection for seafood.

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