Sunday, March 18, 2018


     There's an interesting discussion going on at the Exredpill Subreddit about whether or not the archetypical 'Chad' exists or not. For those unfamiliar with Manosphere parlance, a 'Chad' is supposedly symbolic of the so-called 'Alpha Male' who causes women to swoon in his presence and give sex to him automatically.

     Chad, of course, is a Manosphere myth. It's somewhat based on the Bobbie-Sock age phenomenon of girls and very young women who have celebrity crushes. Rudolph Valentino, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, down to more recent times, for example. This is a transient phenomenon that women outgrow. Most women wouldn't even like these guys if they met them in person, but they weave fantasies around them instead. 

     To understand how this works in female psychology: as little girls, women form a vague concept of their 'ideal man'. Women, it must be recalled, are binary sexually in that both emotional and physical stimulation are needed. Thus they find a man sexually attractive, they often build fantasies about his character. This is what's behind the well-documented tendencies of some women to 'change' the object of their affections. Or, the related phenomenon whereby women get involved with a complete loser and then afterwards protest that 'he changed!' The reality is more typical that their own fantasies blinded them to the loser-male's obvious character defects. 

       But in reality, no such man as a 'Chad' actually exists. Female standards of male attractiveness is so subjective that it's impossible for a single male to be everything to all women. 

       We men actually do the same thing to a lesser extent, though we tend to think less on the emotional aspect it still exists though in a different form. Celebrities are those with a general physical attractiveness that reflects the culture in which they rise to fame. 

      So there are two good things that men can take away from this. One is that you don't need to become 'Chad' to attract the girl of your dreams. The second is that no girl is really 'out of your league' if you're a fairly decent guy. As one commenter rightly said at Reddit: "Chad is just a villain for dudes who believe themselves as below average and need someone to be at fault for their own insecurities." 

      Don't be those guys. Forget about Chad and be yourself. 


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