Thursday, February 22, 2018


     We've noted before that the so-called Manosphere is full of toxic places for men. One of the worst of these sites is called Return of Kings. It is managed by a crank and sleazy PUA named Roosh Valizadeh. Valizadeh is a middle-aged loser living in his mother's basement and isn't known to have ever held a steady job. Nonetheless, he and his band of followers consider themselves Manly Alpha Leaders and mentors---if not actual role models---for young men. 


        So the Southern Poverty Law Center recently listed Valizadeh's and Return of Kings as a 'hate site'. The only surprising thing about that is that it took the SPLC so long to get around to it. Many of us who are much further to the Right politically than the SPLC have been pointing that out for a long time. 

         Matt Forney, another shady PUA now living in Budapest and sponging off of international extremists has surfaced to write a 'defense' of Return of Kings. Like Valizadeh, Forney imagines himself a supreme Alpha-male over whom women swoon. 

       Now the gist of Forney's article is that the SPLC is publishing a 'hit list' targeting himself and Brother Roosh for the rage of Left-Wing activists. But he also claims that it's a publicity-stunt by the SPLC to get donations. His whole article is one mass of contradictions like these. In one part, he claims to fear for his life (some Alpha); in others he's dismissive of the SPLC's power to harm them. It's a great illustration of the character of the kinds of 'men' now dominating the Manosphere. At bottom they are cowards; outwardly they project phony bravado and machismo. 

        We've all known punks like these. Arrogant and overweening in power; servile and cringing when threatened---the kinds of guys we avoided in school and despise in adulthood. The relationship advice they give on their sites is typical of such bullies. They consider women subhuman and existing solely for male sexual pleasure. Forney has openly said that men are justified beating women and Valizadeh believes that rape is not an inherently criminal act. Both believe that women are expendable.

        Basically, these two are a pair of dorks---clearly with psychological problems---and they are both guilty of spreading hate both in word and deed. And that's a fact that none of us needed the SPLC to tell us. 

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