Sunday, February 11, 2018


      While perusing some articles on the Internet lately, I came across one at a woman's site that lists three negatives that are on single women's radar. Unfortunately, we are unable to link to the article, but will digest its substance here. This is good for men to know, mostly so they don't give out some of the negative signals inadvertently. Of course, men who are engaging in these behaviors intentionally probably aren't reading blogs like ours; assuming they can read at all. 

        Women are on guard against (a) cheating; (b) potentially abusive men; and (c) PUA-types who want nothing but sex. 

        According to this writer, cheaters are generally evasive. They do things like avoiding meetings in public; not introducing her to friends; are only available at certain times; and often insist that the woman hosts without explaining why the man can't.

        Women are by nature monogamous; and while many don't mind taking you from another woman, they don't like that kind of thing being run on them. Their relationship radar is highly attuned to that sort of thing. If a man is involved in a Long-Term Relationship and wants to get out of it, he should simply make a clean break. Despite what the Media and Manosphere say, multiple relationships are in reality a dangerous game for men to be playing. 

         For obvious reasons, women are especially keen to weed out men who are potentially abusive or 'toxic'. The authoress lists various signs of this behavior, which really should be broken down into two parts. 

         One group is a mistake that well-meaning men sometimes make, and that is showing 'emotional neediness'. Things like bonding almost immediately; contacting her often and wanting to know her every move; and most of all---wanting commitments that are inappropriate at early relationship stages like living together, lavishing expensive gifts, etc. Some men mistakenly do these things hoping to display their own willingness to commit. But women don't see it that way. A lot of Scum are simply looking for someone to control and those things are warning signs. IOW, if you're a man prone to doing this: be patient and think about what image you're projecting.

         Another warning sign women look for is guys who complain about ex's and others who've rejected them. This translates in the female mind as someone who has issues with women. 

         Contrary to what the so-called Manosphere says, the abusive bad boy is a weakling and not an 'Alpha' at all. Look closely at those kinds of guys and you will see that beneath their swaggering bravado, they are totally female-dependent. That's why the writer was correct in adding 'emotional neediness' to the abusive, red-flag category. 

         Other warning signs are self-evident; threatening, flying into rages, etc. 

         In the final category, are those PUA-types, who publish 'pick-up' and other manipulative tricks all over the Internet and expect that women are too dumb to read them and educate themselves to beware of them. These jokers are best spotted because they telegraph sexual intentions blatantly and often can't be directed in any other way. Usually they demand to meet up immediately in private; send unsolicited sexual photos; and similar things. An important thing for normal, well-adjusted men to know is that very generic introductions---either online or in person---turn women off. Remember the old saying, "I'll bet you say that to all the girls." Women hold that saying in mind. 

        For most women, perception is reality. It's important not to give the wrong impression, whether you intend to or not. Think of this advice like bad habits that you should change as quickly as possible. A lot of good men are turned down just by sending the wrong signals. 

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