Monday, February 5, 2018


      In the wake of yesterday's Super Bowl, capping one of the NFL's worst seasons with the least-watched championship in 8 years, some of the losers in the so-called Manosphere are joining the media chorus and blaming the fans. One of these yahoos, who calls himself 'Captain Capitalism', penned an article titled Why Are Sports Fans Such Idiots? 

     As we have noted, many American sports leagues are in need of serious reform---with the NFL arguably at the top of the list. But this isn't because of the fans. As we've pointed out, team sports have their place in society---provided that they promote values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair competition. These things are values that bond all normal men; and it's largely because the NFL has abandoned these principles that it is declining in popularity. 

     But Captain Capitalism who, like many Manosphereans, comes across as a bitter social misfit declares that: "your average sports fan is a person who is stupid, has no point or purpose in life, is lazy, and is easily susceptible." And again like many in the Manosphere, he claims that himself (and by extension those who read him) are far more intelligent and sophisticated than "80% of the population." No wonder one his most favored blog taglines is "Asshole Consulting". 

     Presumably, the biggest sports fans in the country are those who've made athletics their life's work. They indeed have a point and purpose in life. Think of all of the football coaches who spent decades building both profitable and successful teams---as well as molding men's characters. Men, for example, like Tom Landry.

     And of course being a star athlete involves a lot of hard work, so they are hardly a lazy lot.

    It does take a measure of intelligence to understand and work out complicated plays where 11 men must coordinate as a team.

    And the fact that they are not easily susceptible is demonstrated by the numbers of fans who booed, boycotted, and criticized players over the Anthem controversy. 

     So what is the point of Captain Capitalism's article? Simply to build himself up by tearing down others. Anyone who bothers to read his article is struck immediately by his shameless self-aggrandizement and smug pseudo-superiority. One gets the feeling reading his piece that he was one of those guys you remember from school who envied student athletes. Most normal men who couldn't be athletes themselves identified with the team as fans---or in some cases supported them in other capacities. 

     But not guys like Captain Capitalism. They were like the termites in the social structure---forever fomenting discontent and trying to grab attention instead of earning it. That envy carries on into adulthood. 

     Don't be THAT guy. There's nothing wrong with being a sports fan; and even if you participate in things like the NFL Boycott that too is an act of sportsmanship. Fans have a right to boycott games to force reform. That doesn't make them stupid. Instead, unlike these Manosphere spergs, they show that they understand the deeper meaning of sports.



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