Tuesday, February 27, 2018


     An interesting article appeared today on the blog Blackdragon, which addressed the oft-discussed topic of whether women are really ever loyal to men. The author's answer seems to be: "No, not really. But men have to accept this and deal with it."

     I don't think that's necessarily so. Granted our anti-male culture sets women up for relationship failure. But women are by nature monogamous and desire to bond and give themselves exclusively to one man. The problem is twofold: 1) that our culture teaches women that men are expendable and fundamentally worthless; and 2) women are disillusioned by the types of men our culture produces. 

    Women formulate early their lives a masculine ideal. They are loyal to this ideal, but not necessarily to individual men. Many of them don't understand this themselves; because as they grow up, the ideal becomes part of the ego. Since women seek to bond with one man; the ideal is process of integration with that man when she encounters him. 

    Disillusionment comes when the ideal is broken, and disloyalty follows in its wake.

    This is a main reason why we stress that men must cultivate, and be loyal to, a moral code. He must have an ideal to which he aspires himself---or he'll never attract any women of any quality. Because women of quality reject feminist misandry. 

     The idea that all women are like that is a myth and treating all women as though they are leads only to a vicious circle. Women follow men---not the other way around. That's what many men today fail to realize. There was an old maxim that we used to teach young girls: if you want a good men, seek out the men who are respected by other men. Today, too many men don't know this. Men are either busily chasing after chimerical 'archetypes' or turning into limp-wristed male feminist types. Women in general don't respect either kind of man. 

       Some may object here and say that "So what if women create ideals in girlhood? That ideal is subjective." Yes, it is subjective. But that doesn't mean that her ideals and your qualities need be mutually exclusive. Common Sense should tell you that if they do cancel one another out then you are not a good match for one another. 

        The most accurate comment was from Ash Pariseau, who ironically has a very good advice blog for women. She wrote: "If you are doing something with a hooker or another woman that you wouldn't like her doing with another guy, then maybe you shouldn't be doing that. Or, if you're doing something behind your woman's back that you feel that you have to hide from her, then a line has been crossed." Spot on. It's a matter simply of following the Golden Rule. Some may sneer at that, but it seems to work. 

         Some may also object that statistics show that women end relationships more often than men; and that proves they are less loyal. This is an illusion. It's because their loyalty is strongest that they are more prone to disillusionment more easily. Then it's up to the man to provide stability. 

          This doesn't mean that men shouldn't have boundaries or be afraid to enforce them. They certainly should. But they likewise shouldn't throw up the sponge on monogamous relationships because women aren't perfect. And vice-verse. 

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