Thursday, January 18, 2018


     There was article published in The Daily Mail yesterday supposedly 'revealing' the reasons why women have occasionally tricked men into getting them pregnant. Despite The Daily Mail having so little credibility that even Wikipedia banned using it as a source; the story has gone viral in the so-called Manosphere. This article is supposed validation of their anti-female and sex-negative agendas. 

      To start with, the fact that women sometimes trick men into getting them pregnant is hardly a great revelation. There are stories of it happening recorded in the Old Testament as well as ancient extant pagan literature. Women have done this to men for a variety of reasons. Among the most common are:

1. They want a baby.

2. They want to marry the man and assume that getting pregnant will force the issue.

3. They do it for financial support. Despite what the Manosphere crowd tells you, the majority of men don't really encounter this type unless a man is very rich and can afford supporting someone; or, at the other extreme, he's the type of man who has regular sex with welfare queens. It's doubtful that men of the latter type read this blog, but what we will say applies to the former.

     There really is no 100% formula against this kind of thing happening. But contrary to both yellow journalists and the male drama-queens of the Manosphere---most women aren't the types who get pregnant for selfish or neurotic reasons. The best way that men can avoid this happening is to build a relationship and not jump into bed with any woman they meet. 

     The absurdity of articles like these is apparent in that nobody bothered to ask how many women got pregnant after marriage or some other monogamous situation. That's not controversial enough to sell newspapers. The cumulative effect of such stories is to cause dissension and mistrust between the genders. Dalrock, a Game/PUA blogger who repeated the article's assertion, had comments following like these:

     "Most women simply do not deserve to be called wives or mothers...shut your legs you stupid and vapid whores."

      "The article just reinforces Dalrock's assertion: the Child-Support System is the de facto family structure. The girls in question are just harvesting sperm from unwitting donors to obtain cash for years."

     Those two guys are prime specimens of what happens to the male brain when it substitutes sensationalism for practical experience. They are either meeting very low-quality women or they are inexperienced men believing whatever the media says. This goes back to what we've said previously about the AWALT fallacy. The Manospherians take it for granted that a few bad examples are typical of the whole.

      Don't be the guys who fall for this line. Exercise some sophistication and have some standards choosing women and you can avoid these problems to a large extent.


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