Tuesday, January 2, 2018


      AWALT is an acronym for All Women Are Like That. It's an idea that's been around since prehistory, but certain Internet gurus have been behaving as though it is some newly-discovered scientific truth. Most of this rubbish comes out of the Manosphere; and a man who falls for it is destined for a rough time in his relationships, to say the least. 

      The pseudoscience behind this theory is Evolutionary Psychology. While human beings do inherit certain tendencies---and some of these are gender-specific; the would-be experts in the Manosphere have created their own ideas. For example, a blog called Black Label Logic has given us a list generally agreed upon by the Manosphereans:

       All women, according to them, exhibit these behaviors:

1. Solipsism: "The tendency of women to be unable to process information as outside of their own experience of it."

2. Hypergamy: "The tendency of women to seek to maximize the resources gained by her sexuality."

3. Machiavellianism: "The tendency of women to be more manipulative and cunning than men."

4. Immaturity: "The tendency of women not to mature much despite advanced degrees and impressive careers."

To which, this august blogger adds in for us two more points: psychopathy and narcissism. 

      "These traits manifest themselves in the form of behavior such as being unable to process her own culpability when bad things happen; a tendency to branch-swing; building a stable of orbiters; and a lack of willingness to accept personal responsibility."

    The astute reader will note that all of these things are negative; and that all of them are negative traits manifested by people of both genders. Thus a man who believes in these myths must also believe that women are by nature prone to these behaviors while he himself is immune to them. Normal women are repelled by male arrogance; and if these men are repelling women it is because of that very thing. 

      What is a driving force behind AWALT theories? Psychology talks of a concept called Entitativity. It is a form of illogic that "typically refers to the perception of a group as pure entity, abstracted from its individual components," as defined by Whitehead, James, and others. Basically, it is a reversal of most people's social reactions where the individual is treated as a person as opposed to the member of a group. To believe AWALT is on par with most conspiracy theories since to believe that all women are essentially the same also implies that they share a common goal. This is why Manosphereans believe that all women are inherently Feminist; an obvious falsehood. 

      Don't fall for the AWALT myth. All women have a uniqueness and relationships are strongest when one uniqueness compliments the other. An AWALT attitude in not only psychologically unhealthy and unscientific; it is self-defeating. Focus on what makes a special girl special to you, and that will bring more and better quality success with women than these phony theories ever will. 


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