Friday, January 26, 2018


    This trend was bound to happen. The militant, misogynist side of the Manosphere---the same guys who promote Sex Robots---have latched onto a new concept which they're calling TGTOW. This is a variation of their term MGTOW (men going their own way); the 'T' standing for exactly what it does in 'LGBTQ'. 

        TGTOWs are essentially men who have not only given up on women; they aspire to become a new and improved version of the fair sex. As one of their supporters recently said: "Men are better at most things than women---including being women." This is a bit of a pipe-dream, considering (as our last article noted) they can't even smell like real women. 

        In a less politically-correct era, these types of men were known as Traps. In our modern Cloudcuckooland, Traps don't have to operate covertly as they once did. They can now advertise as an avant-garde, more advanced form of females.

        Let us be clear here. What these Manosphereans are basically arguing is that the solution to misogyny is homosexuality: with the proviso that one partner pretends to be female. And this, they claim, makes them Alphas while the rest of us are Chumps.

        Back in the mid-20th Century, there were extensive studies done on the psychology of men (because over 99% of these cases are male-to-female) afflicted with this condition. Not only were men cured of it, the vast majority of cures were effected with simple Psychoanalysis. Many men were cured just by learning the underlying causes compelling them to assume a female identity. 

         Psychologists found in the majority of cases that a pattern was predominant in the family constellation:

          The Father: was cold and unloving. Nonetheless, the father demanded superior achievement from the son; in academics, athletics, nearly everything. This was not out of any care for the son; but for the father's selfish reasons alone. 

            The Mother not only typically cared little for the son; she often favored a daughter or openly expressed that she would have preferred having a girl rather than a boy. 

           Some may protest here that transgenderism is on the rise today and the family unit has changed since the 1960s; therefore, the above model cannot be true. However, to that objection we would note that this is exactly the attitude that our society-at-large holds towards men. Our anti-masculine culture firmly holds that any male less than a Superman is worthless; while it favors women in every conceivable aspect. Bruce Jenner is a prime example of this socially-driven complex. 

           Psychoanalysts cured men of these tendencies simply by exposing the subconscious motives. They also effected what Analysts call transference---in this case, transferring the idealized woman that the patient hoped to become onto actual women who had these qualities themselves. A relationship with that type of woman healed the personality split long-buried in a man's childhood and adolescent experiences.

            With men who genuinely hate and/or deeply fear women, deeper analysis is needed, because that fear and hatred must be resolved before transgenderism can be addressed and cured. Sadly, most men in this category are incurable. 

           But it should be pointed out that those men of the curable type deserve our sympathy and support over ridicule and contempt. Their morbid desires typically originated around the time of sexual puberty; and patients reported that the 'urge' is at times uncontrollable. That's why understanding the underlying causes of such drives have always been so effective a cure. 

            So once again, the radical wing of the Manosphere are proven to be fools. Many of them themselves actually resent the fact that a real relationship takes work; or more specifically, teamwork. Like the Snowflakes whom they criticize they feel entitled and look for female substitutes as a sort of societal safe space to escape their own Inferiority Complexes. 



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