Wednesday, January 24, 2018


    In 2014, Scientific American published an article which, for largely political reasons was not publicized. It demonstrated that human sexual response is gender-specific and related to our primal sense of smell. That of course is politically incorrect because it demonstrates further that gender is not a social construct. 

     Most of us, though, aren't interested in political correctness. We want to live as men and use such knowledge to our own advantage. The subject got us thinking about Cologne. When buying colognes, men should consider scents that enhance the natural scent described in the article.

      Women have long understood this, and worn perfumes to enhance attractiveness. Yet a lot of men don't bother with colognes or aftershaves, but this is a mistake. The more reputable companies which manufacture these products actually test women's reactions to them. Men who don't use them are missing out on employing a major attraction trigger. 

      Which cologne a man selects is a matter of personal taste. Speaking for myself, I prefer the 'Old Standby', at least for everyday use:

     Ogallala Bay Rum is still manufactured in the US by The Ogallala Bay Rum Toiletry Company of Nebraska and is widely sold online. The price is reasonable. The things I really like about Ogallala are first, that it has a long tradition of success and is not simply a fad cologne that goes out of style. Secondly, because so few men know about it, women notice a scent 'different' from other men, but masculine and pleasing to them.

       Perusing various women's blogs, this brand comes up as almost universally loved by women:

        I haven't personally tried 1 Million, but the reviews women give it make me think that I should. The price isn't too bad either considering its high quality. 

         The second most-commonly seen among women reviewers was:

         Creed Aventus, to me, is the high-octane version of Ogallala. Women describe it as 'exuding confidence' and associating it with rugged, raw masculinity. And small wonder: it is manufactured by a company which has stood the test of time for over two-and-half centuries. Creed Aventus is from Corsica and was designed in honor of  Napoleon Bonaparte by perfume expert Olivier Creed, the great-great-great grandson of the company's founder.  The main drawback for most men is its price: about $100 per ounce at most outlets. A good investment; but one you might want to reserve for special occasions. Or when you just want to feel special. 

         Another old, reliable standby was mentioned very frequently by women as a favorite:

        Bleu de Chanel has been around for a long time too; and is economical enough for everyday use. Some female reviewers identify it with 'sophistication' and others with 'woodsy, outdoorsmen'. The one thing I've noticed about Bleu de Chanel is its staying-power. It doesn't wear off quickly and seems to give off a milder scent as the day wears on. That might account for the varying responses women gave of it. But a rugged outdoorsman by day, and a sophisticated gentleman by night? What girl doesn't want that? 

       Bleu de Chanel also manufactures a variety of other toiletry products which men could find useful. 

        Thus, it really seems that when choosing colognes, it seems that the tried-and-true works best. It wouldn't hurt to have a bottle of all four of these recommendations handy. What women generally notice is something that separates a man from the crowd. All four of these brands are unique in their own ways and can be applied to many different occasions. 

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