Thursday, January 11, 2018


    One of things about heroism is that a man can perform it though of any walk of life. Recall that many soldiers who were decorated for bravery in battle came to the military from more peaceful professions. What we think of as a hero can happen with any man who recognizes a sense of duty higher than himself.

     Shortly before New Years', 28 year-old Christopher Porcheret was cited for bravery and decorated by British Constable Gareth Morgan, representing the Staffordshire Fire Department on the anniversary of a daring rescue on December 28th, 2016. 

     Porcheret works as a mechanic. It was around 10 P.M. that night when he heard a commotion outside and people screaming for help. Porcheret came out and learned that Miss Simone Bailey was trapped inside (she was in fact unconscious from smoke inhalation). Porcheret ran to the yard and kicked down a locked wooden gate to gain entry.

     "I couldn't get into the front of the property because it was a fireball." Porcheret recounted. "The gutters were melting; the front door was melting; the windows had broken out."

      Undeterred, Porcheret used his head. He quickly went to the back of the building to attempt entry from the rear. The back door was intact, but also locked. Porcheret smashed it in. He found Simone through the thick smoke.

      "She was lying downstairs on the floor unconscious." he further explained, "The house was really hot: it felt like the air was on fire. You struggled to see and breathe because of the smoke."

       Actually what had happened is that the fire had become so intense that it was sucking oxygen from the immediate area. Most people who die in fires suffocate---not from smoke, but from lack of oxygen. Porcheret's life was in real danger at this point, but:

       "I carried her to the front of the property and put her in recovery position. The Emergency Services Team said that if we'd waited on them, she'd most certainly have died in the fire."

       During the year that has passed, Simone has made a full recovery and has been reunited with her son, who was visiting grandparents when the fire broke out. EMT and Fire officials have also stated that this was one of the worst house fires they'd seen. The building was completely gutted. Investigators though have learned that it was caused by an internal electrical fault.

        Heroes are not born; they are made---contrary to popular belief. It comes from doing the right thing even when the right thing entails risk. Good deeds practiced on a daily basis are preparatory for doing them when needed. As a famous line in the New Testament goes, "A good tree doesn't bear evil fruit". Porcheret probably has a reputation as a good mechanic too. When one does his duty in small things, he won't shirk from doing it in greater things. 


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