Saturday, January 20, 2018


    It seems these days that there is a national effort to change every nation's national colors to a shade of pink. Obviously, pink has always been a feminine color; but today a bunch of angry, embittered loudmouths have been flaunting it as an anti-masculine political statement. 

    Today across the continent, a motley group of Lesbians, man-haters, and other female social misfits congregated in American cities to demonstrate their collective hatred for men. Interspersed among the throngs were a salting of Male Feminists angling to get laid by posing as sympathizers. They were all wearing pink hats, and behaving about as ladylike as they did during the 'Slutwalks' that the same crowd popularized a few years ago.

     We'll leave it to female-run blogs to police their sisters' obnoxious behaviors. However, we will state for the record that normal men like to see pink in this context:

    Not this:

Nor this:

And certainly not this:

   There is something to be said to men, though. Don't fall into the rhetorical traps laid by both the Manospherans and Mainstream Media that All Women are Like That (AWALT). The last two pictures aren't representative of real men any more than the second is representative of real women. Maybe thousands of these pathetic and disgusting creatures showed up for these marches. But millions of red-blooded American girls did not.

     The point here is that, if you happen to be a single man, don't get discouraged. The Media and the Manosphere propagandists are wildly inflating and exaggerating these repulsive spectacles. The goal of both is to drive you to despair and thus recruit you into their perverted political and social causes.

      The best strategy for dealing with these pink-hat sporting sickos is simply to ignore them. Think of girls you know who wouldn't be caught dead in a demonstration like that, and focus on them. And yes they do exist:

     And there isn't too much doubt where men would rather be seeing pink. 



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