Sunday, December 24, 2017


      As we've mentioned before, the so-called Manosphere is generally a terrible place for men to visit. It's been largely hijacked by bitter misogynists who are really no better than male feminists, despite their seeming political and social polarity. Relationships aren't power-plays nor are they about making some sociopolitical statement. 

     A good example of this silliness comes from a Manosphere writer named 'Sfcton'. Aping the Far Left, who are calling the classic film White Christmas as 'racist'; Sfcton gives us a movie review in less than 100 words:

      "I watched White Christmas last night with the family. All White men should watch this movie and learn. All White men should watch this movie and mourn at what has been lost. All White men should watch this movie and hate those who p----d away their cultural inheritance."

       What a loser. 

         White Christmas is a holiday romantic comedy about two war-buddies who find romance with two sisters; and they team up at Christmastime to save an inn run by the men's ex-commander. The film was a blockbuster hit in 1954, grossing the 2017 equivalent of $278 million. In 1954, theaters in many parts of the US were segregated; but such extant records as we have indicate it was a hit among Black audiences as well. 

         This is because the storyline was about traditional Christmas values: rediscovering love; helping a friend in need; and solving problems with teamwork. These values transcend things like race and gender. What men---if they are to better themselves---need to understand is that the common philosophy that teaches that the personal is political is one of the greatest myths of the late 20th Century. A man's politics may be a component of his character, but they don't define his character. 

         Men of refinement understand that contemporary politics are transitory issues; and that there is an appropriate time for everything. Christmas is about lasting values. Even professional politicians take Christmas off. The day before the Federal Recess, President Trump signed a historic tax reform bill. We doubt seriously that most of these returning officials are spending Christmas Eve discussing the merits or demerits of US Tax Policy. 

          It has been my observation that men whose lives are deeply politicized are very one-dimensional characters. That lack of depth makes them prone to extremist views too. It's noteworthy that Sfcton spends much of his writing time complaining about his inability to form relationships, with people of either gender. Aside from being an obvious racist, women are no doubt repelled by his egocentric and negative views---as well as his bad grammar---all of which are reflected at his site. 

          Don't be THAT guy; holidays or not. Rise above political circumstances that you can't control and work to change those you can. But wait until after the holidays to do the latter. 


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