Wednesday, December 27, 2017


      When Sgt. Aaron Thompson was on duty on Christmas Day with the Washington County Sheriff's Department, he received a 9-1-1 dispatch that a body was floating in the icy waters of a pond outside of New Harmony, Utah. It was late afternoon. Sgt. Thompson arrived at the scene and saw a child's hand protruding from the ice floes. He didn't know whether the child was alive or dead, but he presumed the former. 

      Thompson plunged into the water, using his legs to break the ice. Temperatures around New Harmony are close to freezing before sunset. Thompson couldn't touch bottom and dared not swim under the ice. Instead, he paddled through the ice and slush about 10 yards from shore to reach a small boy and bring him back. 

        Nonetheless, Thompson not only accomplished this feat and reached the boy, he brought him back to shore and called an ambulance. At last report, the boy will probably recover. Thompson himself went to the hospital with severe hypothermia and multiple lacerations from the ice. 

         What can we men learn from this incident? The most important thing is that Sgt. Thompson reacted as we all hope that we will when the chips are down. Nobody had to tell him 'how to be a man'---he simply was one. This is really a point which we all hope to reach, when being a man comes naturally.

          Much of what is written for men today completely ignores this point. At one pole, there are the effete GQ-type publications honoring losers like Colin Kaepernick. At the other extreme, we have the so-called Manosphere holding up their phony 'Alphas' as role models. The Kaepernick types would have stood on the shore remonstrating while the Alphas would shake their heads and say Let some other sucker risk his life. 

          Thompson is more the type of the traditional American male. These are the types who showed their mettle from the Civil War to Vietnam. When duty called, they rose to the occasion. 

          That's what makes Thompson a hero in the public eye; but also what separates real men from the herd. Unlike women, we don't procreate, nurture, and raise a new generation. A man's heritage lies in his accomplishments and these accomplishments are those which benefit the community at large. The old proverb that "a man's deeds live after him" is quite true, whether those deeds are for good or for evil. 

           And as proof of that, notice that no article about Thompson asked what his politics are, or how many women he's slept with. They were all about how he risked his life for another. In times of trouble, it's a Thompson people look to; not a GQ or an Alpha. 


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