Sunday, December 17, 2017


      Men today are in desperate need of mentoring. There are several cultural reasons for this: lack of fathers and other positive male role models during our formative years is one reason. The pervasive misandry in our culture is another. These two factors form a toxic atmosphere for young boys to develop into mature men. 

      Whether 26 or 62, most of us would prefer being more like Orson Welles and less like Obama Pajama Boy. But the general bent of our effete culture would rather us the opposite. The long-term effects have been devastating on American men, not only economically but physically and psychologically as well. More men are not pursuing socially constructive paths like building careers or getting married; while anti-social behaviors are climbing statistically. Male suicides, crimes, drug-addiction, and alcoholism are at very high rates in the US right now. And---for the last several years---we've seen escalations in violent gang activity, terrorist attacks, and suicidal mass-murders almost all of which are committed by alienated men. 

        To complicate matters even further, there is a collection of 'lost boys' in the media pushing bad advice. At one extreme are the Male Feminists. They essentially are the ones who've given up and embrace the 'new normals'. A fairly sizable percentage of them also pretend to go along with the anti-male agenda so as to have access to women engaged in that movement. 

        At the other extreme are the misogynists, or male supremacists. They dominate much of the Manosphere and often go by buzzwords and neologisms such as Red Pill; PUA/Game; MGTOW; Incel, etc. They have the general character of a religious cult and often intermix both Gnostic Christianity and Wahhabi Islam into their theories. Their theories are rooted in Evolutionary and Archetype Psychologies and over the last few years have taken on blatant White Nationalist and Anti-Semitic hues. 

          The reader can see that these two extremes are connected with Far Left and Extreme Right politics, respectively. They're both products of the 1990s 'Gender Wars' when certain so-called 'Cultural Elites' began politicizing sexuality. It's important for both men and women not to fall into this trap. Political alignment doesn't define one's gender. 

           To be able to move forward, alienated men need first and foremost to understand this key concept: You are not alone. Others are struggling with the same issues and problems, and it is important to remember also that the ability to face and overcome problems is part of man's nature. "Adapt, improvise, and overcome" as Clint Eastwood famously said in the film Heartbreak Ridge. And Eastwood knows what he's talking about. He became an iconic Western figure riding on a mule; but few people know that the reason he rides a mule is because his horsemanship skills were so bad that the technical directors gave up trying to cast him as a dashing horseman. Men who aren't discouraged can always find a solution. 

          So for lost boys, there is hope. There is no magic 'red pill' nor is capitulating to the Zeitgeist a solution. The solution lies not only within ourselves, but in interacting with other whom we respect. Character-building for men is a never-ending process. There's always something new to learn and to do. 

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