Sunday, December 24, 2017


     The PC crowd has been trying for the last few years to separate the figure of Santa Claus from any tinge of masculinity. It's gotten so bad that many fathers wonder whether it's even a good thing to teach little boys about Santa. If we're talking about the post-modern versions of Santa, then they probably shouldn't. But the traditional Santa, yes, by all means. 

     Why do we like Santa here at PCMJ? He's what boys (and many men) aspire to be. Consider that Santa Claus is the CEO of the world's oldest and largest nonprofit---and that he works all year to reward the good and punish the bad.

     But Santa---while a man of means---works hard at a job that he thoroughly enjoys. His life has meaning; and he is a leader.

       And he knows how to relax and enjoy the good fruits of his labors.

      Santa is sophisticated and cultured enough to be quite appealing to the ladies.

      And at the same time, Santa is a rugged outdoorsman who can tame wild caribou and can handle a sleigh.

      And last but not least, he dates the kinds of girls most of us only dream about.

       Come to think of it, maybe more men should start believing in Santa Claus again too. At least start believing again in the same things that made him so popular in our boyhood days. 


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