Tuesday, December 19, 2017


       Shaming is a common tactic employed against men in our culture. Men who are trying to be men are targeted with a barrage of negative stereotypes, with the American Media proliferating most of them. On a mundane level, shaming is employed against men not only by women, but by male feminists, manosphereans, and sometimes by envious or fearful male associates. 

        Men and women both possess innate motivations specific to their respective genders. The negative side of this tendency is that we also have innate insecurities relative to those motivations. What men innately fear most is insignificance. That is the corollary to our innate goal to become better and to improve things. 

        Shaming is a psychological weapon employed to play on our fear of insignificance. It's noteworthy that men who've dropped out of civilized society: bums, homosexuals, gangsters, terrorists and other extremists, for example; all still maintain cliques among themselves with formal and informal hierarchies. This is a well-known phenomenon even in men's prisons. And it's no coincidence either that members of these groups often feel superior to normal men. 

        And shaming is essentially manipulation aimed by those who perceive themselves as weak against those whom they perceive as stronger. Understanding that point is the key to resisting these types of attacks. 

        Women and hostile men use shaming in different forms, by the underlying message is the same: "Unless you stop behaving and thinking independently, and stop behaving as though you can be better and that you deserve happiness---somehow you are weak and worthless."

         Here are a few specimens you've no doubt heard:

"How can you be so shallow in your choice of women?"
"If you'd date women your own age..." (aimed at single guys over 30, of course)
"If you'd lower your standards and stop demanding so much..."

      In statements like these, we can see that the purpose behind them is to turn a man away from partnering with or pursuing the type of girl who'd make him happiest. That would cause the person saying these things to start comparing their own sexual frustrations against your success. 

      Others in a similar vein are "You men are all alike" (translation: why can't you be different and lower yourself to my level?) And Radical Feminists have thrown an even more vicious spin on this with statements accusing all men of being potential rapists, pedophiles, abusers, stalkers, etc. Women with those types of attitudes should be avoided because they say such things to justify their fear of men. Male Feminists will agree with them in hopes of currying sexual favors and some well-meaning men feel the need to prove themselves 'unlike other men' for the same reason. It won't work because Love and Fear are mutually exclusive; and a man involved with a female who fears men is headed for disaster. 

        In the Manosphere, several self-appointed leaders of men heap Shaming on other men who won't bow down to them and who see that theories are garbage. A common one with them is ridiculing men who aren't having sex on demand (as if any of these guys really are). "You're just bitter because you can't get laid" and variations on that phrase are absurd on the face of them, but hits men in a very deep-seated psychological point. The fear of insignificance as it regards women is an extremely powerful innate fear. However, if what the Manospherans say is true, then it would logically follow that pimps and johns would have the highest level of confidence and self-esteem among women. It's the ability to hold a high-value woman that man strives for as a goal. Never forget that point: it's the quality, not the quantity, of sexual conquest that is psychologically important. 

        Some mean-spirited women will occasionally use Shaming as a way of refusing a man as a potential partner. Don't let that effect you at all. If someone blows you off as a 'creep' or a 'loser', politely and in good humor ask them how you stop being a creep or a loser. You won't get a legitimate answer. If you don't feel that mischievous, we'll explain that the women who throw these kinds of gratuitous insults at men are psychologically concentrating all of their personal problems onto a single target. 

        Understanding the motivations behind anti-male shaming is the means of breaking its power over you. Note that confident and successful men are by-and-large immune to it. Cultivating that same immunity doesn't guarantee success, but it will make men a lot happier. 



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