Tuesday, November 13, 2018


    I'd intended to start this week with some tales from the First World War, when I received an e-mail from Goldie Russell announcing a memorial service for her husband, A.G. Russell. The news of Russell's passing was released shortly after his death on October 12th during a routine angioplasty, but I'd apparently missed it. He was 86. 

    Russell was CEO of Russell's For Men and A.G. Russell Knives. I've plunked down a small fortune over the years at both stores. The leather briefcase next to my desk as I write this was a Russell purchase; as is the horn-handled gaucho knife on the edge of the desk. And a good source for original Bay Rum and other shaving needs. But knives were his specialty.

    It is said that Russell made his first knife at the age of nine. He designed the Stinger, the industry standard for boot knives. His other famous innovation was the Arkansas Whetstone. Russell designed several military knives---many of which he donated to members of the Armed Forces. In 1988, Blade Magazine inducted him into its Cutlery Hall of Fame. 

    In my opinion, one of the best things Russell did was to promote custom and independent knife-makers who rarely had a commercial outlet for their wares. His catalog, The Cutting Edge featured handcrafted and limited-edition knives made by small craftsmen. These craftsmen got opportunities they never would have had otherwise. Bob Dozier, of the Dozier Knife Company, was a protege of Russell's.

   A.G. Russell was a devout Christian and a member of the Baptist congregation. He practiced his beliefs by all accounts, and was deeply interested in people and their welfare. I only knew him as a customer of his, but his business practices were always fair and service was excellent.  

    Russell's companies will all remain open, according to his widow. Anyone interested in attending his memorial ceremony can find details below.


Sunday, November 11, 2018


    Time certainly flies. Today marks the 100th Anniversary since the end of the First World War. The Great War, as it was then known, began in August 1914 with Serbia, France, Belgium, Britain, and Russia on the Allied side. Italy joined the Allies in 1915, and the US joined in 1917. The American commander was General John 'Black Jack' Pershing, a career soldier whose innovative tactics largely were responsible for smashing the German Offensive of 1918 and hastening the end of the war. 

    Pershing earned his nickname because he once commanded a regiment of Buffalo Soldiers during the 1890's. Originally it was a term of derision 'Nigger Jack' spread by his enemies; but the variant 'Black Jack' was turned by his friends into a epithet of respect. Pershing was an early proponent of Civil Rights. During high school, he volunteered as teacher in a school for Blacks. Later, during WW1, when Black regiments were banned by US policy from combat duties among White units, Pershing transferred them to the command of the French Army; thus circumventing the racist policy. 

    When the General arrived on the Western Front, he was on ancestral homeland. His family immigrated to the US from Alsace-Lorraine, the scene of some of the heaviest fighting of the war. He had originally entered West Point for its educational opportunities (he had shown an early aptitude for science) but found Army life to be his true calling. Pershing served with distinction against the Sioux and Apache Indians and later won the Silver Star during the Battle of San Juan Hill in 1898. In 1905, he was an observer in the Russo-Japanese War and in 1908 was an adviser with Bulgarian forces fighting for independence from Turkey. In 1913, Pershing won the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry against Moro savages in the Philippines. 

     Pershing led a punitive expedition into Mexico in 1916; and assumed command of the A.E.F. in 1917. His exploits there are matters of history. What's not widely known is that he designed the modern combat boot in 1918 and, after the war, organized the Military Police. In 1921, President Harding appointed him Army Chief of Staff. Pershing proposed the first Interstate Highway System, though it wasn't enacted until the Eisenhower Administration. In 1924, he retired. 

     The General's wife died in 1915, but like any good red-blooded American man, that didn't stop him from having a few lovers. He finally remarried at the age of 86 (!), to a lady 34 years his junior. That may have been a bit too much for him: he died two years later in 1948. His son was a Staff Officer to General Marshall during WW2 and one of his grandsons was KIA in Vietnam. Another grandson also was career military and the architect of the modern ROTC Program. 

     I'm of an age where I actually knew some WW1 veterans, though all are deceased now. During the next week or so, I'll recount some of their stories as well as I can remember them. 


Wednesday, October 31, 2018


    Most of us out here on the Pacific Rim have roots from many parts of the country. I spent most of my early youth out in SE Texas, mainly the San Antonio and Corpus Christi areas. I remember a story that took place 38 years ago involving a girl from the same region. On Halloween Night 1980, she was murdered in a horrific fashion and thrown naked over an embankment like a sack of garbage. 

    Sadly, not only have the perpetrators never been brought to (earthly) justice; but nobody knows this young lady's name. At least nobody that we know of. Aside from sets of digits in Missing Persons Files, she's known only as Walker County Jane Doe. 

    Because of some new technologies and better law enforcement networking, the case has been reopened and put into the capable hands of Detective Thomas Bean. Bean has shown extraordinary initiative and determination to solve this case. A statement put out by the Sheriff's Office summarizes what we know so far, as provided by The Doe Network:

    "A truck driver passing by the Sam Houston National Forest found the unclothed body of the victim. She was lying face down on the shoulder of I-45 north, a half mile south of FM 1696 exit, 2 miles north of Huntsville. She had been sexually assaulted with a blunt instrument, beaten, and strangled. The general condition of the body and her overall health and nutrition indicated she had probably come from a middle class home. There were no identification with the body. No semen was found on or in the victim's body. 

    "When the murder became known through media accounts, several people came forward and said they’d seen a teenager matching her description the day before her body was found. A witness identified the victim as a girl who had been at the South End Gulf station around 6:30 PM on Halloween night asking for directions to the Ellis prison unit.She had been wearing blue jeans, a yellow pullover sweater with big pockets that hung below her waist, and she was carrying high-heeled sandals in her hand. To the best of his recollection, she had been let out of a 1973 or 1974 blue Chevrolet with a lighter colored top, possibly a Caprice, which was being driven by a white male. She looked disheveled like she had been traveling and perhaps sleeping in her clothes. She left the station, walking north on Sam Houston Avenue.

     "A waitress working at the Hitchin’ Post truck stop on Interstate 45 said the girl came into the restaurant the same evening and again, asked for directions to the Ellis Unit, saying she had a friend there. A map was drawn for her and she departed. The waitress asked the girl how old she was and the girl responded 19. The waitress thought that was an obvious lie and then asked the girl if her parents knew where she was. The young girl replied, "Who cares." The waitress then asked her where she was from. The girl replied the Aransas Pass / Rockport area. Her photograph was shown to every inmate at Ellis Prison Unit, but no one claimed to know the girl."

   She is estimated now to have been about 5-6 and around 105-110 lbs. Almost all forensic scientists believe that she was probably 15 years old. She had sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. There was a 1 1/2 scar above her right eye. She may have been left-handed, but that is not certain. 

    The sheer brutality unleashed upon her by her killer suggests that this killing was either motivated by deep personal hatred or by an usually sadistic psychopath. The intention to torture was evident: she was beaten severely and sexually penetrated both vaginally and anally with a blunt object---so badly that it caused internal bleeding. She was strangled with a pair of women's nylons---so forcefully that when I first saw her postmortem photos, I assumed that she'd been hanged. 

    Reader, imagine this were your girlfriend, or your sister, or your daughter. To be treated in this fashion and then forgotten? It's unconscionable. 

    There are many theories as to her murder, but what we need to do first is to give her back her name. Detective Bean believes that knowing her identity will lead to her killers, and I'm inclined to agree with him. Let's be candid here as men: WCJD is pretty enough that you'd remember her. And she was well-enough cared for that there were those acting as her legal guardians. I think it highly doubtful that those close to her simply forgot that she ever existed. 

    As proof of this, let us look at two credible pieces of evidence which may help identify her. Shortly after the case was reopened, a man presented a Polaroid photograph from late Spring, 1980.

   The informant's father was an electronics technician whose job kept him on the road often. His sister (the girl on the right) befriended another girl at the motel where they were staying near Beeville, Texas. The other was named Kathy, or Katie, and admitted to her that she was a runaway from Corpus Christi and staying with some friends or relatives.  Like WCJD, she mentioned knowing someone in prison. A closeup also shows a possible scar near her eye:

    A second credible source claimed that she remembered the young woman from a now-closed girls' home in Corpus Christi called Rebekah House. That was during the 1979-80 school year.


     That people remember seeing her 40 years ago suggests that others probably do as well. 

     Please feel to share this post. If anyone has information on this case, they may contact the Walker County Sheriff's Office at (936) 435-2400. Or you may leave a comment here; all of our comments are moderated, so anonymity can be protected if desired. 


Sunday, October 28, 2018


    As we've all heard on the news this weekend, another human washout woke up hating the world yesterday and decided to avenge his failures by attacking a Jewish synagogue. The coward gunned down eleven people; almost all of whom were senior citizens, including a 97 year-old woman. 

    As normally happens in American these days, the aftermath centered on the Media, cheap politicians, and amoral special interests trying to capitalize on the incident. Ignoring these idiots is the best policy a man can take. We men understand that there really is Evil in this world; and the best that we can do is to fight it whenever and wherever it breaks out. 

    The Pittsburgh Police Department did exactly that---especially the first four officers on the scene who risked their lives to stop this dirtbag. Three police were wounded in the ensuing fight. We've tried to gather a true account of their actions on Saturday; however we are limited by the Media's contempt for heroism apparent in their own coverage of the story. Thus we present their story here with the caveat that these are the facts as best as we could ascertain them and certain details may not be accurate. 

    It is known as of this writing that one officer has been released from the hospital and that another is in stable condition. The third, however, evidently a veteran officer of 40 years of age, is listed critical with multiple gunshot wounds. 

    The dirtbag, whose name is Robert Bowers, was armed with an AR-15 rifle. This is the civilian version of the M-16 standard US Military rifle. Personally, I never thought highly of either version as much of a weapon. It has better range but less accuracy than most the handguns police officers typically carry. That debility enabled the first police on the scene to move in to position until SWAT arrived and keep Bowers at bay. He fired at them ineffectually while screaming anti-Semitic oaths and expletives at them. 

    By all accounts, SWAT officers arrived quickly; and were able to assess that they were up against a lone gunman. Their commander made the decision to go in and rescue the wounded while the other officers kept Bowers down with cover-fire. The plan worked; and two of the surviving wounded were carried outside and to an ambulance. 

    Foiled and frustrated, his escape cut off, Bowers retreated inside of the building and set up a barricade. The police followed up on Bowers' blunder and entered the synagogue. Bowers, however, stood up and opened fire, catching two officers off-guard. The other two men on the flanks jumped the barricade. Bowers turned and fired, hitting one, but was himself caught in the crossfire. Severely wounded, he surrendered to the remaining member of the team. 

     In total, it is estimated that the gunfight took 20 minutes. However, under the circumstances, the Pittsburgh Police handled this about as well as anyone could have. They all showed extraordinary courage as well as remarkable discipline and unit cohesion---considering that it seems that they had to plan and improvise 'on the fly'. It's unfortunate that the police sustained some casualties, but by interjecting themselves between the killer and his intended victims, they probably saved many lives. 

    Both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu praised the heroic actions of the officers yesterday. And---almost alone among the US Media---the historic local station and CBS affiliate, KDKA has been engaging in actual reporting of the incident. They should applauded as well and have several links for helping and supporting victims of the shooting. Volunteer medical personnel also arrived at the hospital.

    Those outside the Pittsburgh area who wish to contribute can check out a couple of good crowdsourcing links. One to help all victims of the shooting may be found here.  Another, to help one of the wounded officers, is located here. 

Monday, October 22, 2018


    A disturbing trend that I've been noticing on the Internet lately---especially on North American relationship sites---has to do with those forums supposedly designed for the traditionalist lady-and-gentleman dynamic. These forums especially populated with either. 

   No: what the 'ladies' seem to be are largely Drama Queens and Entitlement Princesses who want unconditional deference. And the 'men' are mostly Male Feminists and male submissives using the 'gentleman' label to hide what they really are. Men like these are losers. With a capital 'L'. They're generally so pathetic that the only way they can get female attention at all is becoming what the Feminists would call a 'doormat' if the genders were reversed. 

    Feminists, of course, are women who are deeply sexually repressed and act out their sterility upon society. A few too have psychological issues with their fathers which they project onto all men. What they really need is to experience firm but loving male dominance. These cucks can't give that to them; and thus such men are despised. 

    Real gentlemen, in contrast, are in a sense the male version of Goodwill Ambassadors. They won't take abuse from women, but they treat women with respect. In other words, true gentlemen plant seeds. They show these bra-burning man-haters that real men do exist. And that's more important than most men believe. A positive male example can undo a lot of anti-male propaganda in the female mind. 

    This is because women by nature are not man-haters---contrary to what certain doofuses in the Manosphere say. Early on, little girls form an image of their future 'prince' and that image is in their subconscious all their lives. They want to believe in it. 

    True gentlemen realize that fact and behave accordingly. Fools who try to ingratiate themselves to women shoot themselves in the foot. 


    Take this schmuck in the photo for example. What is gentlemanly about telling women that beauty is irrelevant? Just how impressed do you suppose a girl would be hearing a guy telling her that he doesn't care about her looks? Yeah...This is the very kind of guy who marches with Feminists one day and blogs about being Incel the next.

   Here's another, and this one is probably a fake. Notice that he's well-groomed and in better shape than most Male Feminists. And notice that what he says on the sign is just a stupid, PC catch-phrase that doesn't mean anything. This isn't a gentleman either; but a probably a PUA who infiltrates these political rallies and pushes the right buttons in hopes of getting laid. 

    I don't think that this one even needs a comment. It's a picture that speaks for itself. 

   This guy, I would suspect, is one of the Male Submissives mentioned earlier. The statement on his sign implies that holding 'gender biases' is a bad thing; and he's been a bad boy for holding them and needs to be disciplined by a strong woman. Like the PUA, these types are seeking to get laid; but their motives aren't aggressive and manipulative, but subconscious and masochistic. True gentlemen, of course, operate from a position of masculine confidence and strength. Therefore, they really can't be Masochists. You can spot the difference easily because a true gentleman will defend his rights while the Masochist submits to abuse. 

 And, among these photos we get one honest guy. Brother, it can happen with some self-improvement and self-confidence. And you'll meet a better class of women as a result. 

  For guys who really want to be gentlemen, we have plenty of links on our sidebar.What it boils down to is just being nice and treating women with respect without compromising your masculinity in the process. 


Thursday, October 18, 2018


  From the dawn of known human history, men have engaged in hunting. It is so rooted in our traditions that the Garden of Eden story in the Old Testament depicts God killing deer to make clothes for Adam and Eve. Today, most men hunt for sport but this is a very recent phenomenon. Outside of American cities, it's still not uncommon for men to hunt as a food source. 

   But hunting is an activity mostly enjoyed by men; hence our reflexive social misandry attacks hunters and hunting at every turn. Also, we live in an effete era where human beings are considered less valuable than wild animals. Anybody who today poses with hunting pictures risks the wrath of the PC mobs---who are usually more bloodthirsty and prone to violence than the stereotypes they make of hunters. In two of the most notorious cases, Dr. Walter Palmer, a bow-hunter, killed a lion in 2015 and the harassment hasn't stopped since---including a fake 'sexual misconduct' allegation. The second was that of a Cincinnati Police sharpshooter who killed a zoo gorilla to save a toddler who'd fallen into the cage. The officer prudently kept his name out of the press; but the child's family and the Cincinnati Police were buried under mass outrage. 

    And the phenomenon isn't limited to men: Belgian beauty Axelle Despiegelaere lost a modelling contract for posing with game during a safari. 

    The latest victim of anti-hunting neurotics is Blake Fischer, the Commissioner of Idaho's Fish and Wildlife Service. Fischer recently went on a successful safari in Namibia and posted photos online. The same degenerates who were willing to sacrifice a 4 year-old boy to a gorilla unleashed an Internet hate-campaign; harassing both Fischer and his family. 

   In this photo, Fischer eliminated a tribe of baboons: a ferocious and aggressive primate of Southern Africa. Baboons are not only local pests, they are menaces to hunting parties and have been known to attack humans. Fischer at first defended his actions, but because of the craven political leadership in Idaho (likely including a few who coveted Fischer's job) forced the Commissioner to step down despite his excellent record. 

   What is driving this hatred of hunting? Part of it is sheer ignorance. Thanks largely to our dumbed-down public schools, many Americans know nothing about the Animal Kingdom. The Media is very little help in educating the public either. Another part of it is misandry. Many activists have unresolved psychological issues with their fathers, and seeing masculine activities drives them to hysteria. Only a few years ago, some of America's most masculine archetypes were also big-game hunters. Former President Theodore Roosevelt went on several safaris and published stories of his exploits. 

   Author Ernest Hemingway, another such iconic figure, was also an avid hunter.

   The courage to face things like charging rhinos and lions shames effete males who venerate creatures like Bruce Jenner and Colin Kaepernick as heroes. These two factors---ignorance and misandry---are part of the problem. But at the root of it all is a hatred of humanity. 

   It's no secret that some of history's greatest killers were anti-hunters. If one talks at any length with so-called 'environmental activists' it becomes painfully obvious that they really envision a natural paradise which includes few or no humans. 

   Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Pol Pot, and Genghis Khan were all vegetarians. Even though most fake environmentalists will deny this; the Third Reich was one of the most 'green' and 'environmentally friendly' regimes in recent times. They strictly regulated hunting and even prohibited vivisection in 1935. The Soviet Union prohibited trophy hunting in 1918 and fur-trapping in 1919. The Bolsheviks believed that trophy hunting and wearing furs were symbols of capitalist privilege. 

    It definitely seems as though a correlation exists between anti-hunting activism and psychological instability. Sigmund Freud himself was a hunter; and other psychologists like Karl Menninger and William James wrote that hunting was both natural and healthy. Erich Fromm, one of Freud's disciples wrote in 1977: 

  "In the act of hunting, a man becomes, however briefly, part of nature again. He returns to the natural state, becomes one with the animal, and is freed from the burden of his existential split: to be part of nature and to transcend it by virtue of his consciousness. In stalking the animal he and the animal become equals, even though man eventually shows his superiority by use of his weapons...The motivation of the modern ethical sport hunter is pleasure fused with compassion. This contrasts sharply with the motivation of the sadist, who might torture and kill pets or other small animals, which is revenge. In short, hunting and pet torture, are as unalike as sexual intercourse in a loving relationship and rape. Predatory aggression, as we call hunting, is a positive form of aggression, like sport and play, the expression of which is good for mind, body and spirit." 

   Blake Fischer got a raw deal. Hopefully, he'll move on to bigger and better things, as he deserves. 


Thursday, October 11, 2018


   Our last post, which exposed the dangers of a fad-diet called Jilly Juice. In researching that article, I came across many accusations that the diet's founder---a former insurance saleswoman named Jillian Epperly---was running a cult. Most of that I considered media hype. But after some of the responses to our last article, I'm beginning to think that's not so much of a stretch. 

    None of their comments made it through moderation. The purpose of the last article was to warn people who still retain enough rationality to practice prudent self-preservation; not to debate trolls who are beyond hope. It does raise an interesting question. There have been numerous articles and videos detailing the medical consequences of the 'Jilly Juice Protocol'---including a few alleged fatalities. I'm wondering about whether psychological damage can also result from the Protocol.

    These kinds of things are always a 'chicken-and-egg' type question. People who are already crazy are drawn to other crazy people doing crazy things. But a number of Jilly Juice victims are children force-fed this toxic brew by their parents; and others who are well-meaning but ill-informed and looking for better health. 

    In the second case, what needs to be investigated is whether Jilly Juice can produce long-term brain damage. Whether or not a person is philosophically/spiritually a Monist or a Dualist, the fact remains that damage to the bodily system can effect mental health. Drug abuse is a good example of that dynamic. As we noted in the previous article, the states of dehydration and toxic metabolic imbalances produced by drinking Jilly Juice can cause symptoms like vertigo and hallucinations. It's well now that advanced dehydration in a desert can cause the victim to see mirages; however this also occurs in persons lost at sea who dehydrate from drinking salty sea-water. If this continues, it can result in permanent brain damage. 

    Since this blog is primarily directed towards men, we didn't mention last time that Jilly Juice's marketers actually recommend feeding this garbage to infants in lieu of baby formula. Besides the obvious physical danger to babies; we can't know what effect is being produced on the infant's developing mind. This really needs to be looked into by public health authorities. Any politically-active readers here should bring up this issue to those in positions of power. 

    Some of the Jilly Juice trolls suggested that we hadn't watched any pro-Jilly Juice videos. Actually I did---but they were extremely disgusting. In all seriousness, these promoters proudly display all sorts of revolting excreta from their own bodies and refer to raging diarrhoea as cleansing 'waterfalls'. They even discuss probing each others' anuses and other sickening things. 

    Most of us are somewhat familiar with Freud's theories regarding Anal Fixations an their relationships to antisocial and mentally unstable behaviors. These stem from defective toilet-training. We're probably all familiar with the Anal-Retentive personality disorder. But there also is another lesser-known disorder, the Anal-Expulsive character. In advanced cases, both manifest themselves in non-sexual sadism. Anal-Retentive types typically greedily amass power or wealth and use both to dominate their subordinates. The Anal-Expulsive type uses their position to sow chaos and suffering in society at large and then gloat over the helplessness of their victims. 

     I think that, at least from appearances, that Miss Jillian and her internal cadres exhibit the symptoms and behaviors of deeply disturbed mental states rooted in Anal-Expulsive Complexes. Their aggressive trolling is another manifestation of that possibility. 

    As for the Protocol-promoter's views on mental illness, their literature claims that Candida fungi in the human body can control the brain. They also believe that Candida has been genetically modified and weaponized and introduced into society by unknown forces. I think, that about says it all.